Episode 40: How To Plan For A Promising Q4

Game On Girlfriend Ep40

In this episode I’m going to talk to you about how to plan for a promising Q4. I’m sure you’re asking yourself questions like, “Should we travel for the holidays? Will the kids be in school? What’s going to happen to the economy?” There are truly so many unknowns right now. We can’t predict what…

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Episode 21: 3 Things Every Successful Woman Must Have

Sarah Walton

Let’s talk about 3 things that successful women must have. After all, most people I talk to want to be better humans. But truly, overall, every aspect of their life, they want to improve. They want to eat better, love more deeply, have more fun and make more money. They want to know that what…

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Episode 20: Are You Brilliant But Broke?

brilliant but broke

Feeling brilliant but broke? It’s exhausting, right? So what’s the deal with making money? Why are some people wealthy, while others struggle? Why do some people find a way to break through poverty, or at least do better than their own parents, and others totally flounder – or even lose any money they did have…

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Episode 16: Want Out of Quarantine? Do This First.

Game On Girlfriend Ep16 Life After Quarantine

How’s your life in quarantine been going? What will you miss? How do you want to design your life after quarantine? As I started writing this episode for you, I’m sitting outside with my family, my husband and I are sitting on a bench as we watch our kids ride their bikes, happily and with…

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Episode 15: Master Your Career, with Style

Ashley Collins

Have you ever worried that in order to master your career, to be a woman who “makes it” to the top, you’ll have to be super tough, hard and maybe even masculine? Do you worry that you’ll have to change somehow if you’re successful? Or that you’ll have to play inside the “boys club” to…

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Episode 14: My Back-To-Basics Birthday

Game On Girlfriend Ep14

Celebrating your birthday during the COVID-19 shelter in place? Yep, me too. It’s what I call my back-to-basics birthday. In this episode, I’ll share how I went back to the basics to celebrate my birthday with my friends and family. Now, more than ever, it’s important that we take stock and make plans. We’re creating…

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Episode 13: To-Do Lists Are So Last Week

In this episode, I sat down with productivity expert and founder of Life is Organized, Mridu Parikh. She’s spent almost a decade as a Professional Organizer, in-home and coaching clients around the world. Mridu helps ambitious women go from overwhelmed and overloaded to in control, (and confident that nothing will fall through the cracks), so…

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