Episode 21: 3 Things Every Successful Woman Must Have

3 Things Every Successful Woman Needs

Let’s talk about 3 things that successful women must have. After all, most people I talk to want to be better humans. But truly, overall, every aspect of their life, they want to improve.

They want to eat better, love more deeply, have more fun and make more money. They want to know that what they do matters, that they can maintain some kind of constant growth and that they have what they need to keep going.

And in my work, I’ve come to realize there are really 3 things every successful woman must have when it comes to ongoing growth and happiness.

You ready?

A group or community that lifts them up, that keeps them focused on the most important things in their lives.

I mean, who doesn’t want more amazing people to come and play in their sandbox with them, right? That’s the best!

But it’s more than that. I’ll dive into it more in today’s episode, but who you hang out with matters so much more than most of us realize.

Secondly, successful people need a mentor. I know, I know. How self-serving of me to say, right? But listen, I always have a mentor. Like, always. As I like to say, I eat my own dog food.

We always need someone who’s either further down the path than we are, or someone who can hold a mirror up to us and help us see thee kinds of behaviors we have in place that are actually causing damage. Behaviors we may not even be aware of.

In this episode, we’ll be doing a dive into how many thoughts you have every day, and how few of them you’re actually aware of. A mentor is key when it comes to breaking down this process and changing your current results.

And the third thing that most successful people have in their toolbox, is, well, skills.

They do the work to figure out exactly what they need to know how to do, and some of the most important skills you truly need might surprise you.

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Every successful woman deserves to have the right people in her sandbox, a mentor who can support her and the ongoing skill to keep growing.

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Now pop in those earphones and learn about the 3 things every successful woman must have.

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