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It’s amazing how quickly Sarah can engage an audience, entertain and teach. But most importantly, she inspires internal curiosity. You can’t help but really think about your direction and purpose in life when you hear her speak.

Jaime Dictenberg
SVP, Nickelodeon

Sarah present keynotes, breakout sessions, webinars, workshops and daylong bootcamps, consistently earning rave reviews at conferences, business events and women’s groups.

Her credibility is a product of her 20-year corporate career in technology, management, speaking and writing. She relates her stories, experience and research with humor and sensitivity as she weavers her contagious enthusiasm into every presentation.

Sarah will tailor her presentation specifically for your group or event, and is happy to work side-byb-side with you to make sure your audience gets exactly what they need.

Most Requested Presentations

Women & Money

Our relationship to money is set in early childhood, before we understand what it is, before we earn it and before we really need it. Our beliefs about money are mostly inherited, picked up by watching, listening and fighting either for or against what we see as children.

Sarah goes into detail about how to create a new, intentional, relationship to money as an adult. Members of the audience gain a fresh and powerful perspective on what’s possible and how to interact with money in a completely new way.

Influence & Leadership

Leadership comes naturally to women, yet many women feel confined and confused about how to move to the next level. Sarah will talk about what, specifically, great female leaders do to grow their influence and how we can gain more influence and power in our everyday lives by playing to our strengths.

Time Management

Learning how to prioritize tasks, goals and the demands of others is key to driving success in ourselves and in others. In a world of instant gratification, distracting email, texts and pop-up reminders, Sarah offers tools, techniques and proven methods to help you bring order to chaos and a breath of fresh air into every project, task and day.


What Others are Saying:

I love listening and learning from Sarah. It’s rare to find a speaker who can make you smile while teaching. She is so engaging, so funny, so real and very informative. I could listen to her all day long.

Brandyn Randolph
Co-Founder, Lady Savant LLC

I hired Sarah to speak to my regional leaders on a conference call about setting goals, influence and leadership. The positive texts and emails from my team started coming in before the call was even finished! Sarah was wonderful.

Monica Anderson
Regional Directory, W by Worth

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