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Setting Goals

How Do You Know Which Goals to Set?


It can be so confusing, right? You’re motivated. You’re driven, and you’re ready to push your limits. Except you don’t know which goals you should set right now. As I type this, it’s almost March. The signs of spring are just starting to return, birds are chirping, the sun is shinning and people are feeling…

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Facing the “Don’t Wanna”


Ah Monday mornings…that beautiful time when we declare our goals for the week, we create and imagine, we give over to our higher selves and say, “I can do this! Today’s the day!” And then 10:00am hits. Well ok ok, maybe it’s noon. But at some point, we just “don’t wanna”. Listen, the truth is,…

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Wait, It’s Not Luck?


Have you ever noticed that we’re given exactly what we need, right when we need it? Sometimes it can even feel annoying. But when I decide to put on my big girl pants and really look at the gifts I’ve been given, and the messages being handed to me, I know that what’s in front…

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Lessons From McFarland, USA


I love a feel-good Disney movie. No really, I do. And this weekend, as we were all relaxing in our house and nursing some small colds that have made their way into my children’s noses, my husband turned on McFarland, USA. Just in case you haven’t seen it, a short recap is that Coach White…

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How’s That Skinbag?


“Nope, no sugar. I haven’t had any sugar for over two weeks now! I know, it’s great. And Sarah hasn’t either!” This was a conversation I overheard my mom having with her mom when I was eight years old. My mom was always on one diet or another. And her mom was too, along with…

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