Episode 51: VIP Pass: Lessons Learned from My Private Students

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You’re about to hear some amazing women share what lessons they’ve learned most this year, what they think their challenges will be in 2021, and how they’ll meet them.

One of the things I love most about what I do is watching my private students have “aha” moments about themselves.

It’s those moments when a client really GETS it, like in her bones, that her voice matters, and she launches and sells out the online program she’d been thinking about launching for over 2 years.

Or, when she breaks her own industry by offering group classes for four-figures an hour. Instead of hustling away for $25 an hour, and feeling exhausted.

It’s when she crunches the numbers and realizes that five-figure months are completely possible. Like, this month, right now. It’s not a pipe dream.

Or, when she knows that even though she’s in sales, she doesn’t have to let other people yank her chain by dictating her schedule and her lunch dates.

And my favorite, when she trusts her instincts, her talents, and her own experiences to create something completely new – something that’s come from her own struggles and her own wins.

In today’s episode, I’m bringing you behind the scenes in one of my VIP coaching groups. This group of 6 women has blown my mind this year. The grit (remember that from Episode 50?) the heart, the passion, and most of all, the love and support they’ve shown each other as they grow.

And, in the end, you’ll hear how they view each other. I think that was my favorite part of the conversation because it illustrates so beautifully how a group of women can bring out the best in each other.

So, who are you about to hear?

There’s Joanna Bowzer, a Los Angeles-based writer and director. Her films have won awards at over a dozen festivals, and have been shown at over forty. She’s a member of Film Fatales and the Alliance of Women Directors. And, she’s recently launched her online course: Vision. Position. Expand for filmmakers, actors, and screenwriters. Click HERE to see more about Joanna’s V.P.E. course.

Cathy Chester is an MS Advocate who recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award for her work as a patient advocate. She’s an award-winning writer and certified health advocate and she’s dedicated her life to making sure people diagnosed with MS live healthy strong lives as they learn to live with their diagnoses. Click HERE to find out more about Cathy.

Sarah Coniglio, who will sound familiar after listening to Episode #47, How Small Wonders Can Change Your Life, is a Travel and Social Impact Photographer. She works with people from all walks of life, helping them realize how amazing they are and conveying their beautiful work and experiences through photography. She’s also the brand new author of There’s Always Something Wonderfull.

Alexandra Groggin is the VP of Businesses Development for a commercial flooring company. She joined our group to create her own brand in sales, and to pivot with intention and focus, as the whole world went virtual this year. She took on project after project and new skill after new skill. And you’re about to hear her share how she’s also expanded her mind and thoughts this year. I’ve been really inspired by Alexandra all year long. Click HERE to find out more about her.

Clara Wang owns a photography company that offers small business owners professional product photography that elevates their brands and accelerates sales.

I’ve watched her grow her business this year in so many ways. But, the most important way is that she’s really grown who SHE is as a person.

This woman has had 2 littles at home with her during quarantine, schools opening, then closing, then opening. Through it all, she’s grown her business to the point that she is about to hire support. Click HERE to view her website, and follow her on IG here: @clarawangphotography

And also, Danielle Smith, the owner and founder of Smith Pilates, based in Los Angeles. Danielle found her love of Pilates as she watched how it changed her own body and health over a decade ago. She’s been training private clients for years. She joined our group during COVID to make sure she could keep supporting her students, even as the world went virtual. So, she started offering her services to corporations as they sought desperately to keep their employees healthy. Hello, new business model. As a result, it’s been a huge win-win for all involved. For information email her at smithpilates@gmail.com

You know, sometimes we need to hear what other people are going through and how they succeed. So, we can see that we can do it, too.

So, that’s what this episode is all about.

As you listen, I hope you feel like you can pull up a chair and join in with us. These women have done incredible things this year. And, I’ll bet you’ll be able to hear a bit of yourself in them as you listen.

Pop in those earphones and enjoy getting to know Joanna, Cathy, Sarah, Alexandra, Clara and Danielle.

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