Episode 57: Are The Results You Want Taking Too Long?

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There’s a certain skill that most people lack — and its absence can destroy their goals. The hard part about this one skill is, while learnable, it goes completely against our human nature.

It’s called patience. 

Most of us don’t have it, and if you were to stop and listen to the conversations most adults are having the next time you’re waiting in line, you’ll quickly be able to confirm that.

You’ll hear about how ridiculous it is that the line is long. That there aren’t enough people working to make things go faster. That the COVID vaccine is taking too long. That the package from Amazon Prime took two whole days, instead of 24 hours.

And if that’s not enough, watch the commercials you see on YouTube or on TV or hear on the radio:

“Get results FAST.”

“Use this super-duper duct tape instead of waiting for cement to dry!”

“Lose 40 pounds in 20 minutes!”

“Make your first million in 2 months!”

Our human nature, our desire to find the fast, easy road, leaves us vulnerable to shifty marketing, bad decisions, and wasted money and time.

And for those of you listening, it’s probably robbing you of the dreams you want most.

In my free Facebook Group, Game On Girlfriend Insiders, I asked a question last week. Oh, and if you’re not in that group, I don’t even know what you’re doing! In it, I go live every Monday morning for Coffee With Coach — where I talk about the issues of the day, take your questions, and coach you for free. Click here to join us!

Anyway, I asked the amazing women in there, “What is the #1 thing you’d like me to help you with?” 

The answers came swiftly, and first among them was:

“How do I get over impatience in seeing results of my work? I’m doing everything you’re teaching consistently but get frustrated when results don’t come quickly.”

Oh, boy. There it is. First of all, a huge kudos to the amazing women who are self-aware enough to phrase the question like this.

Did you hear it? How do I get over the impatience?

So good. And … you’ll never “get over it.”

It’s part of our human design. It’s what we do. We’re wired to be annoyed when we don’t get that instant hit of dopamine that get us feeling good and fired up for the next big hurdle in front of us.

But what we can do is start to focus on the actions and tasks that actually matter so we know we’re on track.

It’s a total flip in focus and attention, and it will help you have the life you really want. 

Pop in those earphones, and let’s get to it.

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