Episode 63: Stop Studying, Stop Imagining, You’re Ready

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This one is for all of your course collectors out there.

You know, you buy a course, you have every intention of studying it and applying it, and then BAM! You don’t.

So on your computer, it sits, and you just hope you remember the password for that magical moment when motivation hits you in the forehead, and you can’t wait to jump in and finally start it.

Or maybe you’re one of those beautiful women who still has her old college textbooks in a box in the attic?

You know, you haven’t opened that box for years, but you keep carting those books with you every time you move. There’s just something about all that knowledge and information in there. You just can’t bring yourself to let go of them.

In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about why you keep buying more information to study that you don’t use, and then you keep – even though you don’t use it or look at it.

There’s more going on here than you being “lazy” or “foolish” to keep spending money on things you don’t use.

This is about the air we’ve been breathing as women and these lies that you’re “not ready.” That you don’t really know what you’re doing or that you need more information before you can move forward.

Some really important underlying beliefs need to be addressed to start producing the life you really want.

I talk about how your beliefs, your “inner world,” will dictate your outer world, the results you produce. It was one of our most popular episodes to date, and you can check it out here.

This belief, this lie that you’ve been fed – the one about you are not “qualified” yet, or “good enough” yet – it’s been around since before you were born. And it’s a lie that each one of us as women will have to stare down.

The good news is, you can face it down. Its lingering damage will pop up from time to time, and when it does, my hope is that you’ll remember this episode, and come back to it.

There is an antidote to the lie, and it’s an antidote we all have access to. I tell you exactly what it is and how you can use it, today.

In fact, I give you a direct challenge in this episode to help you start taking the antidote the second you’re done listening.

So stop studying, stop imagining, you’re ready! Pop in those earphones, and let’s get to it.

Books mentioned in this episode:

Still Failing at Fairness


The article my husband shared with me this week:

How Puberty Kills Girls’ Confidence

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