Episode 42: Stop Shiny Ball Syndrome

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In this episode, I’ll be sharing with you the number one secret to avoiding shiny ball syndrome and how you can get yourself back on track when you find yourself distracted from the work you need to be doing.

You know, the work that will actually change the trajectory of your business or your life.

Have you noticed how hard it is to concentrate these days? It’s a little crazy, right?

We have our usual beeps, dings, and noises, letting us know that other people would like our attention. But, given the rate at which new information is available this year, it can feel even more frantic.

But you know what shiny ball syndrome is, right?

It’s something that creative people, powerful people, and passionate people suffer from quite frequently, and, this year it seems to have reached a fever pitch.

What’s your competition doing?

What’s the latest technology?

Are you on all the social media platforms?

Are you keeping up?

It’s the worst. You can be focused and excited about your current project and right before you’re about to launch, something “new” and shiny pops up. Then suddenly, you miss your launch, you change what you’re doing, you revisit your website for the 4th time before it’s even live… ugh.

And, you feel even more behind than you did before you started chasing that latest shiny ball.

What if you could avoid that, what would that be like?

What if you could trust yourself to stay abreast of what’s going on in your industry without getting derailed from your unique talents and your personal goals?

It’s an interesting question, right?

This is a great episode to listen to while you’re walking or driving so you can really let the message sink in. It’s important for you to learn how to focus and keep your goals, ambitions, and ideas, at the top of your list.

Especially when the rest of the world is trying to distract you.

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