Episode 43: How to Pivot Your Business Successfully

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Every once in a while I get to sit down with a client and dive into the truth about what it takes to run a successful business.

This episode was one of my favorites to record because Chef Rama is such good company. She’s one of those people that just makes you feel at home immediately, like everything is right with the world. Especially when you take the time to enjoy the little things in life – like the smell of cilantro, the magic of cardamom in your tea, or the beauty of layering salt in your food as you cook.

I was excited to bring you this episode because Rama did something extraordinary during the COVID quarantine months.

She lost every client she had when the world shut down. Every one of them. She was a personal chef, after all, so going into people’s houses to cook wasn’t exactly on the table.

But that didn’t stop her. She trusted her instincts, got to work, and after just a few short weeks, she ended up increasing her business revenue.

Yes, you read that right. She increased her business revenue, in the middle of a global pandemic. In an industry that was designed to be in person.

Rama’s mission is to help us bring back the basics in our daily lives.

Specifically, enjoying a meal with the family, free from distractions, which ends up benefiting the whole family. She loves to inspire all of us to cook with more vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, and good fats – you know, the good stuff.

Chef Rama is a graduate of the Culinary School of America in New York City. She also trained at the French Culinary Institute, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and Columbia University’s Teacher’s College.

She’s a private chef, a holistic health counselor, educator and teacher.

In Indian culture, food and family are two of our biggest obsessions. And, even though Rama spent her formative years in Puerto Rico, her Indian-born parents continued this tradition with her and her siblings.

Cooking, both the practice of and the eating of food, was a core part of Rama’s childhood. She shares that some her happiest memories are of being in the kitchen with her mother, chopping, mixing, and soaking in her heritage, ancestors, and culture.

In her family, cooking isn’t just about feeding the body; it’s about serving others, a foundational belief on which she’s built her business and her life.

When Rama began her career as a chef, the reality of our over-scheduled society began to sink in. She watched her friends, patrons, and clients relying on drive-thrus and frozen meals to feed their families. The nutritional impact was worrisome enough – but the familial, relational, and cultural implications were even more so. The busyness of our lives were causing the crumbling of the crucial, foundational relationships she’d developed in the kitchen and around the table.

Rama’s mission is to bring back the true essence of cooking:

The togetherness, the shared experience, the enjoyment, the community, the fun. She wants to share that essence with the world.

While she’s thrived as a chef, she felt her impact was limited to her immediate geographical area. So, she began venturing her business into the world of the Internet. Creating downloadable meal plans, managing a Facebook group, and developing relationships with people around the world, who shared my vision and desire for a return to wholesome cooking – that tastes fabulous.

To take advantage of Rama’s Plant Powered Crostini course (for FREE!), click here to watch here video recipes, get her grocery lists and final recipes all included!

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If you’d like to stay in touch with Rama, here’s where you’ll find her:

Website: www.wannabeechef.com

Instagram: @wannabeechef

Facebook: @WannabeeChef

Her FREE Facebook Group where she goes live with brand new recipes, tips, and tricks for your kitchen: Wannabeelicious Soiree, Kitchen Secrets from a Professional Chef

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