Episode 193: Take Those Courses Off the Shelf: 4 Steps to Make Progress

Game On Girlfriend Ep193

Are you feeling the back-to-school vibes? September is a great time to implement everything you’ve learned from the courses you’ve purchased and the books you’ve read – let’s get all those wonderful things into your brain and into your life! How to make progress and implement your learnings People who consider themselves course collectors and…

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Episode 189: How to Run Your Business When Life Happens

Woman wearing white blouse looking to her right sitting in a white chair by her office desk with a vase of pink and cream colored flowers

What do we do as business owners when personal life gets challenging? From CEO fatigue and burnout, helping aging parents, diagnoses, and relationship challenges you didn’t see coming to people struggling to get off the couch… how do you get through those moments? I’m going to assert if you have started a business at this…

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Episode 186: The Art of Self-Control with Tracy Pleschourt

Game On Girlfriend Ep186

Click here to watch the video version of this podcast episode Beautiful people! As you know, I believe our beliefs and thoughts dictate our results. I’m excited to share this conversion with Tracy Pleschourt, a life coach and founder of Self-MadeU where she teaches people the concept of self-control. She talks about self-control almost like…

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