Episode 87: Is It Ok to Be Happy Right Now?

Game On Girlfriend Ep87

In working with my clients and students over the last few months, I’ve noticed a trend. A lot of people are feeling really worried about the future. The pattern of feelings seems to go something like this: I feel strong and ambitious and excited about my plans!  Well, maybe I don’t care that much because…

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Episode 82: How to Ask Your Way to Success

Game On Girlfriend Ep82

Have you ever found yourself saying something like, “I really want to make more money.” And then you don’t? Or how about, “I really want to quit this job that I hate.” And then you don’t. Or maybe even, “I really want more love in my life.” But Netflix and popcorn are your closest friends?…

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Episode 81: How To Find Your True Intention

Game On Girlfriend Ep81

  First of all, thank you so much to all of you who’ve reached out to check on me and my family. Everyone is healing nicely and I’m so grateful to be a part of such a loving and caring community! You guys are the best. So in Episode 79, “When Life Happens”, I shared…

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Episode 80: Your Business Is NOT a “Hobby”

Game On Girlfriend Ep80

This one is for all you animal lovers out there! Oh, and for all of you who have friends who are crazy in love with their pets, you’re going to want to listen in. If you’ve been searching for a great gift for a dog lover, or you want to have a beautiful picture of…

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Episode 77: Why Your Day-To-Day Conversations Matter

Game On Girlfriend Ep78

“What diet are you on now?” “Did you see what she was wearing?” “I made 3 different dinners last night, my kids are so picky.” “I was about to give up, but I made one more phone call, and it ended up being a $10,000 deal.” The types of conversations you have everyday matter. Maybe…

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Episode 76: Write Like a MOFO

Game On Girlfriend Ep76

What would you say if I told you that “writer’s block” isn’t a real thing? I know, so rude, right? I mean, what one earth can we blame all those stalled days and weeks on if we can’t blame writer’s block? Well, when I sat down with Jacq Fisch for this podcast episode, she ripped…

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