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Worried there’s not enough?

Sarah Walton speaking at her live event.

You better cheat, and lie and steal, because there’s not enough!

It’s not your fault. I know it’s scary. And sometimes it can feel true, but it’s a lie. I promise.

The lie?

There’s not enough.

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Avoid the Summer Slump


Can you believe it’s already almost August? Where do these summer months go? I love summer. It’s one of the many reasons I wanted to be my own boss. The idea of my kids hanging out at the pool with out me, or having fun in the summer sun while I was freezing in my…

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What IS Success Anyway?


Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on our Redefining Success 2015 Conference, and I’m getting really excited. We’ve got an amazing line up of inspiring women coming to speak, a beautiful venue and conversations about our health, happiness and the illusion of perfection. And as I’ve been designing it, I keep coming back…

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The "Trick" to Finding Balance

I was speaking at a wonderful woman’s event this last weekend and I was so impressed with the women in that room. So many women are up to so many creative and exciting things! And while we were sharing with each other and enjoying the time, there was a theme that kept coming up over…

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