Episode 12: OMG. We Met Oprah (and she’s even more amazing in person).

Sarah Walton and Oprah

Sarah and 3 of her closest friends flew to Denver Colorado to see Oprah on her 2020 Vision tour…and this is what happened…

Listen in as Sarah and her friends, Jaime, Amanda and Michelle, sit down in a park in Boulder Colorado to reflect on what happened, what it was like to meet Oprah and their biggest take-aways from Oprah’s tour.

The even took place just as COVID-19 was beginning to really expand its reach inside the United States.

We’re releasing this episode now, with the hopes that it will inspire those who are quarantined, or stuck at home, to use their talents, expertise and experience to make the most of a tough situation…just like Oprah did.

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Oh, and hey. If you ever get the chance to meet Oprah? Go for it. She’s even more amazing in person.

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