Episode 35: What’s Causing The Results You Have Right Now?

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In this episode, I discuss what’s causing the results you have right now!

I recently spent 5 days away, by myself, to study, write, and create a new course. I learned a few things about our outer world and how it’s a direct result of our inner world.

So, one of the things I’ve noticed about most people, is they say they want more out of life. They say they want more money, more joy, more love, more success, better relationships, and on and on.

But they don’t. They simply don’t.

Why is that? Why don’t they create different results? What’s driving that?

I’ll tell you, after my year (and years and years) studying personal and professional development, I think I know what it is.

Your outer world, meaning the results you’ve created for yourself: your relationships, your money, the clothes you wear the house you live in, the success of your business, or lack thereof.

They’re a direct result of your inner world.

Your inner world where lies like, “I don’t want to work that hard.” Or “I don’t want to be around this type of person” or “Other people will think I’m stupid” live.

As a result, you have the problem, right? You want the new results, but the inner world you’ve designed, won’t allow for it.

So, you don’t have those new results. Like day follows night, your inner world will stop any new changes you want to make.

Unless (unless!) you do the work to alter that inner world.

You might listen to this episode and think, “I know that already.”

And can I just tell you, those are the 4 most dangerous words in the English language.

Let that sink in for a second. “I know that already” is dangerous.

Those 4 words are the death of dreams, of ingenuity, creativity, growth, and fulfillment.

Unless you drop those 4 words from your sweet brain.

And, if those 4 words were true, my next question would be, “Oh really? Then why don’t you have the results you say you want?”

Tough question, right?

As a result, that’s what those 4 words keep you from seeing. They keep you from implementing, from knowing, from growing.

So, pop in those earphones and let’s have a little chat about what’s driving your inner world, and causing the results you’re seeing that aren’t making you as happy as you deserve to be.

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