Episode 35: What’s Causing The Results You Have Right Now?

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Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world.


In this episode, I want to dive deep into this philosophy, break it down, and show how I’ve seen it in play out in other women’s lives.


We have beliefs, and those beliefs give us our thoughts, and those thoughts lead to actions, and those actions lead to our results.


This entire chain begins with our beliefs, and here’s the hard truth: Most of us don’t examine our beliefs. We tend to base them on what we’ve experienced and what we’re taught by our teachers, parents, colleagues, friends and advisors. Once they are locked in, we tend not to question them.


Money is evil. Men are smarter and better at business than women. I’m too shy to sell. I’m not a morning person. I can’t negotiate.


Those beliefs dictate our thoughts. Now that we’re thinking a certain way, we act a certain way. Limiting beliefs, the lies we tell ourselves, can mess up our results. So, it’s important that we really understand that we are CONSTANTLY assessing where we stand, what we’re seeing, and what we want to change.


How beliefs and thoughts affect our results

If we break down the process, our thoughts and beliefs are internal; the results are external; and our actions are the bridge between the two. The bridge is all about the actions that you choose or choose not to take. Now, more than ever, we have an opportunity to look at the truth of the situation in front of us and take the time to choose our responses.


I want you to think about this: In between the stimulus and the response, there is space, and in that space lies your power. History can't decide who said it, but the principle is so important. I have it written on the wall across from my computer; I see it every day.


The stimulus can be anything, maybe a nasty facebook post, or someone complaining about your services. You look at the stimulus through your own filter -- your beliefs and your thoughts. Your belief might be that you think you suck at your job and everyone is going to find out; and that's going to lead you to specific actions.


Your power lies in your response. You have the responsibility to examine the beliefs and thoughts that are driving your actions.
Left unexamined, you will continue to take the same actions, and those same actions are going to give you the same result. Nothing is going to change.


Those beliefs? Shatter them. You don't need them. I promise you, there is a world of beauty, excitement, joy and exquisite success beyond what you've imagined. But you've got to take the actions that will get you there. Listen to this episode to learn how to break down the internal and external systems at play in your life and how to bridge the gap to success.

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