Episode 15: Master Your Career, with Style

Ashley Collins

Have you ever worried that in order to master your career, to be a woman who “makes it” to the top, you’ll have to be super tough, hard and maybe even masculine?

Do you worry that you’ll have to change somehow if you’re successful? Or that you’ll have to play inside the “boys club” to reach certain heights?

I mean, I know I’ve had those concerns before. But, the more we see women rise in ranks, the less I start to worry about that. We’re hearing more and more about women who lift each other up, who take the time to learn about what’s needed for their staff and their teams.

And they’re not just learning about leadership, they’re taking on leadership with a whole new perspective.

In this episode, I got to chat with one of those awesome women. Ashley Collins, USANA Health Sciences’ Executive Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations.

Ashley has worked in PR, marketing, communications and advertising for over 20 years. She’s had a huge positive impact on the company since the day she started.

Ashley graduated from Utah State University with a B.S. in English and began working at USANA in 2000.

In 2019, Ashley was promoted to the role of Executive Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations—taking on a global responsibility.

Ashley has directed the company’s efforts to increase visibility, enhance USANA’s reputation of excellence, and created online connections with independent distributors, employees, and the public.

She was recently named one of Utah Business Magazine’s 30 Women to Watch and PR News’ 2019 Top Women in PR.

She’s also served on The Women In Leadership Council for the Salt Lake Royals and is currently on the board of the Legal Aid Society — a nonprofit that promotes safety, stability, and self-sufficiency for low-income families and individuals, as well as victims of domestic violence, through legal advocacy and assistance.

Ashley and I met when we were about 12 years old. So, you know, just a few years ago…LOL

One thing I’ve always admired about Ashley, and I think you’ll hear it in this interview, is that she’s always observed things before she just jumps in with an opinion.

She takes the time to learn about people and situations. And while she’s not afraid to speak her mind, she’s humble and thoughtful enough to recognize that there’s always more to learn. We talk about that a bit in this episode.

A few other things I’d encourage for you to listen for in this episode are her views on men and women in the work place, and the idea that women can definitely change the system, but only if we fully understand what the rules are, first.

I, of course, took that opportunity to talk about The Morning Show (I can’t help myself!) and she totally jumped on board with that comparison.

I found her humility and willingness to learn and change her perspective refreshing and enlightening. For a woman, a single-mom no less, to have made it to this point in her career, she’s incredibly grounded, honest and open.

Finally, her thoughts on balance were pretty interesting. She doesn’t put up a pretense, she tells it like it is, and I hope it’s helpful to you!

You may want to have a paper and pen handy for this one, as she’s got some great ideas and a few thoughts you might want to jot down.

I hope you enjoy this episode, with my life-long friend, Ashley Collins.

P.S. The book Ashley mentions during the interview, The Influence Effect: A new Path to Power for Women Leaders, can be purchased by clicking here.

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