Episode 10: Can We Disagree And Still Be Friends?

Can we disagree and still be friends?

It seems like being able to disagree and still be friends is a lost art these days.

Can we have different political views and still be kind? Can I tell you that I think you’re wrong and still go out for coffee next week?

This interview is about this topic, and so much more. Allison Reynolds and Tiffany Sobwy, the voices behind The Sisterhood Podcast, sat down with Sarah for a candid, funny and honest interview about how they make their show, and their friendship, work.

You can find out more (and subscribe!) to the sisterhood podcast by clicking here to go to their website.

I absolutely loved getting to spend some time with these women during this interview, and I was blown away by their passion, their care for each other and their commitment to lifting all women up (I love their consistent segment about amazing women in the news!).

They define their podcast this way:

What do you get when you put together a sushi loving Iowa farm girl and a goat raising London city girl who graduated from rival universities? The Sisterhood Podcast!

Firm believers that women rise when they lift each other, Allyson Reynolds and Tiffany Sowby hope to bring women together in faith and community through their weekly podcast conversations and monthly “Service & Sweets” events.

Interested in current events that affect women? We’ll talk about it. Need a conversation that helps you feel like you’re not totally failing at this life balance thing? Yeah. Us, too. Want more meaningful connection and contribution in your life? Join us at our events! If it enlightens or empowers women to be their best selves, rest assured we’ll be talking (and doing) something about it.

Because we’re sisters and we’re all in this together.

Pop in those earphones, sit back and get ready to be inspired and laugh with the Allyson and Tiffany.

I remain impressed by their ability to disagree and still be friends. Enjoy.

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