Episode 11: SPECIAL EDITION Staying Calm During COVID-19

What if I get sick with COVID-19?

What if I get sick with COVID-19? What if someone I love gets sick? How am I going to survive with my kids home all day, every day? What if we get quarantined?

These questions can roll around in your head and cause enormous stress and anxiety.

If you’re feeling that, know that first and foremost, you’re normal.

This isn’t going to be like most of my other episodes, because, well, this isn’t like most other times.

At the time of this recording, my kids’ schools are closed, 3 of our surrounding towns are on a “self-quaratined” lock down, which means, they’ve been asked not to leave their homes unless they need food or medicine.

In addition, Broadway has shut down, the NBA, MLB isn’t in the throws of Spring Training, March Madness has been cancelled (OMG) and all of the kids sports, dance and extra-curricular activities have been cancelled.

So in a moment like this, it can be easy to freak out. It’s disorienting. It feels like the world is ending.

We can end up using our beautiful, infinite imaginations to dream up horrific, crazy scenarios and worst-case situations.

It can seep into every thought, every waking moment and when we couple that with a bit of adrenaline, suddenly you find yourself freezing extra lentil soup at 1:00 in the morning while wiping down your counter with a Lysol wipe that’s now worth its weight in gold.

And then you realize that your family doesn’t even like lentil soup.

OK, so it’s time to keep your head on straight, remember how powerful you are, and to make the most of the situation we’re all facing.

Kind of like what the Italians are doing as they lift each other’s spirits in song every day…or when they give their health care providers a standing ovation every day at noon (OMG, that makes me cry every time I see it).

So to help you do that, I reached out to my good friend, my light-healer in arms, and stellar client, Karen Foote to bring us exercises and tips you can use every single time you start to feel scared or nervous or out of control.

Whenever I find myself plagued with “what if” questions, Karen’s one of the first people I turn to.

Karen is the owner of Rebalance Reiki and Massage is a Spiritual Intuitive Healer who’s been practicing her craft for the past 20 years. She offers an easy to digest and down to earth perspective on spiritual topics and gives encouragement to others on how to live an authentic and heart centered, purpose driven life through her healing work. 

Now, we jumped on this idea really quickly, so I hope you’ll forgive a bit of background noise as we sat down on the fly to create this for you.

You can use what we talk about in this episode, quickly and on a daily basis, to stay grounded and focused, even if you’re heading out to search for our new Holy Grail – toilet paper.

As we wrap up the episode, Karen walks us through a beautiful meditation that will keep you centered and leading with service as you face each new day, and each new challenge. I hope this is an episode you’ll turn back to time and again, to help you feel calm, collected, and in charge as we face this pandemic.

I know so many of you are feeling confused and anxious, or even annoyed, by this entire experience. But as we share this planet (and our personal space) with our fellow humans, it’s important to stay profoundly connected to reality, and to the control you do have as this unfolds.

As promised, if you’re a health care provider, and you’d like to work with Karen for yourself or one of your patients who’s struggling, you can find Karen by clicking here and heading to www.rebalancewithreiki.com.

Also, if you’d like to grab my Control Worksheet, which will walk you through how to feel in control during this COVID-19 outbreak, click here to download it.

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