Episode 47: How Small Wonders Can Change Your Life

Game On Girlfriend Ep47

In the conversation you’re about to hear, my guest Sarah Coniglio, will walk us through her entrepreneurial journey, and the path the pandemic lead her to walk, and hear how small wonders can change your life. So, there we all were, hanging out in the beginning of March, 2020 with our beautiful innocent selves, having…

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Episode 43: How to Pivot Your Business Successfully

Game On Girlfriend Ep43

Every once in a while I get to sit down with a client and dive into the truth about what it takes to run a successful business. This episode was one of my favorites to record because Chef Rama is such good company. She’s one of those people that just makes you feel at home…

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Episode 41: Get Your Seat At The Table

Game On Girlfriend Ep41

COVID has changed how we connect with each other. And, as a business owner, that means your social media strategy has to keep up. Your audience expects you to be human. A real person, they can connect with, understand, and be inspired by. Oh, and P.S. that doesn’t mean you have to do it all…

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Episode 30: The Most Overlooked Resource in Your Business

overlooked resource

In this episode, we’re doing a deep dive into the most overlooked resource in your business. You wanna know what it is? It’s your body. Yep, your body. Have you ever tried to deliver an important presentation when you have the flu? Tried to help your staff understand the importance of a launch while you…

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Episode 26: How to Have It All Without Going Crazy

woman with brown hair in blue blouse smiling, text Ep 26

In this episode, I got to sit down with former corporate chick, Romi Neustadt. Romi was first a lawyer, then a PR executive. She traded in the billable hour to become an entrepreneur, a business coach, and a speaker. She’s figured out how to juggle being a wife, a mom, a professional success, and a…

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Episode 15: Master Your Career, with Style

Ashley Collins

Have you ever worried that in order to master your career, to be a woman who “makes it” to the top, you’ll have to be super tough, hard and maybe even masculine? Do you worry that you’ll have to change somehow if you’re successful? Or that you’ll have to play inside the “boys club” to…

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