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Episode 14: My Back-To-Basics Birthday

Sarah Walton

Celebrating your birthday during the COVID-19 shelter in place? Yep, me too. In this episode, I’ll share how I went back to the basics to celebrate my birthday with my friends and family. Now, more than ever, it’s important that we take stock and make plans. We can’t control everything that’s going on, but we…

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Episode 11: SPECIAL EDITION Staying Calm During COVID-19

Karen Foote Spiritual Healer

What if I get sick with COVID-19? What if someone I love gets sick? How am I going to survive with my kids home all day, every day? What if we get quarantined? These questions can roll around in your head and cause enormous stress and anxiety. If you’re feeling that, know that first and…

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Episode 10: Can We Disagree And Still Be Friends?

It seems like being able to disagree and still be friends is a lost art these days. Can we have different political views and still be kind? Can I tell you that I think you’re wrong and still go out for coffee next week? This interview is about this topic, and so much more. Allison…

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Episode 8: Critique Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means

Have you been too scared to share your work? Worried that someone will critique you and you’ll want to run away and hide? Ugh. It’s the worst right? You’re going about your day, doing what you know you’re good at (or at least feel like you’re faking you’re good at) and BAM! You see someone…

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Episode 7: Feeling Invisible? Learn How To Tell Your Story

Do you know how to tell your story? Heck, do you even know what your story is? Because let’s be honest. The things you remember most about other people are their stories. You might even end up retelling them! We love stories. We connect through stories and we make huge decisions based on stories. So…

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Episode 5: Don’t Believe the Hype: You’re Not Special

When I say you’re not special, I’m talking about how we humans tend to hide behind our wounds, which keeps us disconnected from each other. Let’s talk about why that’s a mistake and what to do about it. Last week, when Kobe Bryant was killed in that helicopter crash, we were reminded that tragedy doesn’t…

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Episode 4: Why You Don’t Have What You Want

Oh I’m sure you’ve had this experience… You set a goal. You get inspired and excited. This time is going to be different! You say, “I’m going to take on the world!” And then 10 days later, you have no idea what goal you set or why. Don’t be sad. It happens to all of…

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Episode 2: The Truth About Money

The Truth About Money with Sarah Walton

In this episode, Business Mentor Sarah Walton takes you behind the scenes on day 3 of her live conference, Power, Passion and Profit. This VIP Pass episode will allow you to listen in on Sarah’s definition of money, and what’s actually going on when you think you’ve “lost” your money, or you don’t have enough…

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