Episode 33: Let’s Talk About Women on Women Crime

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In this episode, we’ll talk about 3 important aspects to women on women crime.

Last week we saw the nomination of a powerful woman, a ½ black ½ Asian woman, for vice-president here in the US.

And we knew what would happen next, right? I mean, a powerful woman was just put into the spotlight, so we pretty much know what follows. Boy did it happen quickly.

Women on women crime. It was almost instant and it was horrifying and quite frankly, enraging, to witness.

Women on women crime isn’t as outwardly violent as it sounds, but the invisible damage it causes is almost impossible to quantify.

OK, so I’ve got a few thoughts I’ll be sharing with you in this episode about what I see is really going on here.

But, let’s start with just this one thought:

Who benefits from women taking each other down? Who’s world are we playing in when we compare ourselves to each other, try to outshine each other or point out each other’s flaws?

What system benefits from that? And honestly, it is a system you’d want to support? Or, one you want to dismantle?

In my Coffee with Coach episodes, I’ve been calling for a feminine revolution. And, my friends, that revolution is here.

In this episode, I’ll be sharing what I’m seeing and we’ll talk about 3 important aspects to women on women crime:

Firstly, what system it keeps in place, and how it got here.

Secondly, what you can do when you see it happen.

Thirdly, what’s really going on with you when you find yourself wanting to jump on the “Yeah…there’s just something about her I don’t like” bandwagon.

Oh yeah….. let’s get to it.

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