Episode 32: Standing Out Online: The Truth About Your Hidden Stories

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In today’s episode, you’re going to get to listen in on a conversation I had with Lisa Simone Richards.

We talk about how you can uncover your own hidden stories, and learn how to put vulnerability over perfection (which is exactly what she does during the interview) and how you can stand out more.

For those of you who follow my work online, you saw me on Lisa’s recent Influential Coach Show. Now, in full disclosure, Lisa reached out to me in a cold email, which between you and me, happens several times a day. And most of those emails end up in my trash box by the time we reach sentence number two.

But Lisa was completely different. I knew there was something special about her the second I read the subject line of her email.

See, earlier that week, as we were right in the middle of our COVID lockdown and I was dealing with the frantic day-to-day life of homeschooling, working, cleaning, cooking and, well, living our new quarantine life.

I’d posted on Instagram that I wanted to run to a Starbucks and work alone for like, 4 days.

The subject line of Lisa’s email? “I’d like to work at Starbucks for 4 days, too! From your recent IG post.

Um, how am I not going to open that? It was missing all the traditional, trendy, stale jargon like, “I can help you grow your IG account! Or the spammy, “Attract more people!” line. There was nothing like that.

And once I’d opened the email, it was so clear to me that she’d done her homework and actually knew a little something about me and my business. For example, every word was original and fresh. Zero “can” or “cheese”, all her and all fun. Lisa is incredibly original, warm, and whip-smart.

And given that she’s a publicist for online coaches who want to stand out and feel confident, she’s clearly walking the talk.

As a result, she shows her coaches how to become influential and stand out as true experts in their industries. When she's not speaking on stages across North America or shooting national TV segments, you can find her swinging a kettlebell, at a dog park, or baking her next experiment in the kitchen – she’s a woman after my own heart, for sure.

So, when we agreed to sit down together, we decided that nothing was off the table, and I was truly impressed with Lisa’s honesty and willingness to “go there”.

Sounds pretty good, right? I’d say so! So…let’s get to it!

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