Episode 62: Sustainable Businesses

Emily Padan, the founder of Bloom Class, and co-owner of Hinter was originally an elementary teacher for 7 years in Montreal.

In the Spring of 2020, she did something really cool … she launched a new, sustainable business.

She did one of my favorite things, took her talents, experiences, and expertise and put them together to create something brand new to offer the world.

The result is her second company, called Bloom Class.

See, Emily is passionate about nature, helping others become kinder to themselves, to each other, and the planet. So she created a new kind of business right in the middle of the pandemic.

Through her sustainable business, Emily matches educators with students in classes.

These classes range from Art to Debate.

And the cool part? For every class, a tree is planted. Yep, she’s created a carbon negative business. But not just carbon neutral, carbon negative.

Emily graduated from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, with a degree in education. She launched a brand new business that:

  1. Keeps kids educated and safe at home, whether they want to take an art class or get tutored in math
  2. Provides new jobs and new revenue streams for educators
  3. Actually helps remove carbon from the atmosphere by planting so many trees

I mean, that’s pretty amazing.

Honestly, over the last several months, I’ve been asked what people can do when they lose their jobs, or when they get scared about “what’s next.”

I get asked that a lot. Because, so many people, especially women, find themselves asking these questions. And I get it. It can be really scary.

My answer to those questions is to look around and allow yourself to be inspired.

There are so many people creating so many incredible things … I have a feeling that if you continue to look out for what’s being generated out of thin air, it might inspire you to do the same.

Women like Emily are leading the way to the path of creativity and self-trust. So, as you listen in, I hope you’ll be reminded of the many talents and experiences you’ve been gifted.

Because, chances are, the world could use them.

To grab your $20 off coupon when you register for a class, use code SARAH20 at checkout. Just click here.

Also, follow Emily on social media and check out her website, here:

Website: www.bloomclass.co

IG: @bloom.class

Podcast launching soon. You can find Emily’s podcast on IG: @findingyourwave

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