Episode 28: Gritty Mindsets, The Art of Connecting And Giving Back

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I don’t know about you, but I feel like I hear “Give back” really often, but then I don’t always know what that means or how to get started. And I know I’m not alone in that.

How do you choose where to give back? Can you only give back financially? What about time? Which causes actually matter to you? How can you help those who are in your own community?

ACK! So many questions and so much to do. This is why I’m so excited to bring you this conversation with Amanda Hall and Lisa Friesel founders of Girls With Goals Who Give. In this episode, you’ll hear how they make answering all of these questions really simple.

GWGWG is a growing community of professional women who are fiercely committed to friendship, connection + giving back.

This membership network makes it simple to give back. In so doing, they believe we can give more together. Their network supports nonprofits and foundations that are committed to women, children, and families.

Now, as if that weren’t enough, their network supports individual brands by connecting them to their extensive network of nonprofits and community projects.

They partner with emerging and established, women-centric and women-owned companies. Our connected community and networking events foster friendships and business opportunities while supporting the advancement of women and girls.

Now, what you wanna know, is that both Lisa and Amanda (whom you may recognize from Episode 12 – we got to meet Oprah together!) were already super successful in their own right when they decided to come together to help other women learn how to network and give back in meaningful ways.

In today’s conversation, you’re going to learn how these two amazing women came together. You’ll hear us talking about having a gritty mindset (one of my favorite topics!), what they view as the art of true connection, and what giving really means, in all of its many forms.

I love how humble both of them are in this conversation. How honestly and generously they share. And I also really love how they discussed the decision to work together, as well as how they keep their working relationship healthy and strong, as a result.

So, if you’re thinking of starting up a partnership or you’re worried about how to make it work, you’re going to really want to listen for that part. I think these two have really figured it out!

Get ready to feel inspired, and especially inspired to give. I also think you’ll feel motivated + ready to get to work!

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