Episode 58: The Real Reason Most Businesses Fail: It’s Not What You Think

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I’m so excited to bring you this week’s episode with Isabelle Mercier. Holy cannoli you guys, this woman is a powerhouse, and she knows business.

Isabelle is one of the most inspirational branding, marketing, and customer experience keynote speakers in the space. Her official title is Brand Strategist & Business Performance Catalyst.

She’s one of North America’s Top Business Influence’s, bestselling author, two-times TEDx speaker with over 2.5 Million views, and TV show host.

She’s been in the work of branding, marketing, and customer experience for over 25 years.

And, in this episode, I jumped right in with her by asking the big question – at least, the question I think is big …

Why are some businesses successful and some fail? What actions is the founder taking, or not taking, that actually makes the difference?

I loved her answer, and I think you will, too. It’s not what you think it is. We’ve all been told a lot of things on our different journeys, but what Isabelle shares in this episode struck me as the truth.

So, if you’ve been struggling and wondering why things aren’t working out the way you’d imagined, or you feel like you’ve hit a plateau, this is the episode for you.

Oh! And there’s one specific nugget of gold I want you to really listen for:

How you can start keeping your appointments with yourself – you know, those appointments you set up to think, be creative, write, do the unsexy tasks.

Because I’m telling you, once you start keeping those appointments, everything will change for you. Isabelle shares a beautiful mindset shift you can use right away to start keeping the appointments and tasks you outline for your own business at the front of the line.

So, after listening to today’s episode, I have a feeling you’re going to walk away feeling energized and inspired to do the hard work. The work that no one else will see – and to take you and your business seriously.

The book she mentions in our conversation is called Essentialism by Greg McKeown

You can keep in touch with Isabelle here:

Website: www.LeapZoneStrategies.com

Facebook: @LeapZone

Twitter: @Leapzone

Pinterest: @Leapzone

LinkedIn: @Leapzone

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