The World Needs Your Courage

Have you seen the state of the world lately?

It’s time for strong, courageous women to step up. And chances are, that includes you.

One of the best parts of my job is working with women who’re starting their own businesses and setting new personal goals.

There’s a pattern I’ve seen among these women that I want to share with you.

Because chances are, you’ve run into it too.

It’s about understanding when it’s time to speak up when we see something go off course, and when to hold back. I mean, it takes courage to speak up. And sometimes, it takes courage to hold your tongue.

Someone says something disrespectful and we think, “Did I just imagine that?” or “I must be over-reacting.”

Have you ever felt uncomfortable when someone’s gossiping?

But instead of being the one who stands out and calls them on it, you walk away.

Either too shy, too busy or too nervous to say something.

Maybe you’re concerned that your vision isn’t clear. You could pull everyone together to talk about anything that’s unclear and to reignite passion, or you can pull back and keep quite so you don’t seem too “bossy”.

You’re probably flexing more courage these days than you have in the past, and if so, you’re following a gorgeous trend.

We’ve learned something:

Holding back is never a good idea. Ever.

And here’s why: If you feel uncomfortable, there’s a reason.

I have yet to see a woman who’s “spidey senses are tingling” who’s that far off.

Now, I’m not saying you run around declaring a “crisis” every time you feel like something is wrong.

But you can take a few minutes or hours to gather a bit of information, ask some questions and find out what’s going on. It takes courage, but the more often you do it, the better you’ll feel.

You have those senses for a reason, and they serve you.

Acting on what you feel and doing something about the situation is the harder part for most of us.

Gossip has ruined friendships, harmed families and brought down entire organizations. Making sure we don’t participate in it is one thing, but we must require that those around us don’t do it either.

Looking away when we see something dishonest happening doesn’t help anyone, and it hurts us because we get included in the dishonesty by default.

If you know it’s happening, and you don’t do something, you’re silently giving permission for it to continue.

Your courage is so needed in the world.

It’s up to you to call “foul” when you see someone being treated badly.

It’s up to you to call a meeting when the team isn’t organized.

It’s up to you to talk to your kids when you find out they’ve been missing school, drinking or using drugs.

It’s up to you to ask your friends not to gossip.

You deserve to speak up. It can be scary, sure. But most things worth having are a little scary. That doesn’t mean those things are wrong or that we shouldn’t do them.

Discomfort is almost always followed by growth.

If you’re reading this, you’re one of the women out there who’s following your dreams and working towards growing yourself and your goals.

That alone makes you a leader.

Those around you look to you as an example, and as someone who already has more courage than most.

The world needs you to keep that up by speaking up and acting when it’s required. You’re up to great things, and courage is the foundation.

Go get ’em.


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