Episode 177: How To Bounce Back When Feeling Discouraged

Game On Girlfriend Ep177

Do you ever get discouraged? Do you ever have those moments where you want to crawl into bed and pull the sheets up over your head?   If you have goals – and they don’t have to be hit seven figures … goals like losing five pounds, keeping your kitchen organized, being faster at replying…

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Episode 138: What’s Life REALLY Like After Menopause

Woman in black tank top in front of trees with text What's life really like after menopause with Dr. Cari Schaefer on The Game On Girlfriend Podcast with Sarah Walton

Menopause doesn’t happen to women; it happens for them. It doesn’t always feel that way, but today we’re demystifying the changes with Dr. Cari Schaefer. Dr. Cari is a nationally certified herbalist and primary care provider of Chinese medicine by the Medical Board of California. She founded the platform Wise Woman Emerging to help women…

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