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Women & Money

The World Needs Your Courage


One of the best parts of my job is working with women who are starting their own businesses, or those who are setting new and challenging personal goals. And there’s a pattern I’ve seen in many situations, that I wanted to share with you. Because chances are, you’ve run into it too. It’s about understanding…

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Humankind’s Greatest Untapped Resource


“Women’s strength, women’s industry, women’s wisdom are humankind’s greatest untapped resource.” – Executive Director of UN Women, Michelle Bachelet I love that quote. She’s talking about you, by the way. Not your neighbor, your favorite author or someone you see on TV. Yes, other women are important, too. They’re living out the lives they were…

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Refusing to Go With The Crowd


This last week at school, our kids enjoyed a morning of running on the track before school started. It’s a really fun morning, where we all get to enjoy the fresh air, the sunshine and some exercise. As we were wrapping up, I told my kids and my husband that I was going to do…

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