Ah, don’t you just love when you’re waiting for someone’s attention and you get the feeling that they really don’t care if you’re there or not? Yeah, ’cause that’s fun…

One of the most important things we can do for each other, and for ourselves, is to demonstrate just how much we care about those in our lives. I share often about how much more influence and power we can have as women in the workplace, and with our loved ones, if we bring our best selves to the job at hand. Caring is really at the heart of that influence and power.

As we go through our days as caregivers, employees, bosses, business owners and friends, there is no doubt that our attention is in high demand. But if we just go through the motions, and skim across the surface of each relationship, those around us know it. And it starts to pull at the fabric of those relationships.

The next time you’re in a conversation with someone you love, slow down for just a minute or two and make sure they really understand what you’re saying. In addition, repeat back to them what they’ve shared with you. Let them know you really heard them, you’re clear about what they need and want. Make sure they feel how much they matter to you and that their needs are important, too.

You may be thinking, “OK, this is nice, Sarah. But what on earth does this have to do with setting goals and working through my mornings?”

Ah…fabulous question.

Because you, wonderful woman, are not alone in this world. Go back and look through your 90 day goals, look at what you’re grateful for today and review what you’ve already accomplished. How many of those things can you do without other people? Isn’t a large part of your motivation for achieving those goals, other people?

I know for me, one of the reasons I’ve set my current goals is so I can spend more time with my kids and my husband. They are my motivation. When I’m preparing for a talk, or working with someone on their business, their happiness, success and growth are a huge part of my goals, my purpose. Without those other people, I wouldn’t do what I do.

And I can’t achieve my goals without the help of other people. I rely upon my wonderful designer, my amazing photographer, my husband, my friends, fellow writers…you name it. I care about those people. Deeply. Without our network of people, we’d all be floating along without attachments to the larger communities to which we belong.

Caring is at the source of our success. It’s what will inspire people to work with us, it will earn the respect of our children, so they listen to what we share with them, and it will call others to come and play and grow with us as we all work towards higher goals and ambitions.

So take a few minutes out of your busy days to stop and check in with those you love, work with and are spending time with. Let them know you love them. Let them know you care…they deserve it, and so do you.

Have at it, woman.


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