Episode 111: How Can You Market Yourself Better?

Women in Gray Blazer with cup of coffee. Test reads: How Can you Market Yourself Better?

About once a year I love to ask the beautiful women on my newsletter list what they’d love to learn from me.

I’ll literally ask: “What’s the one thing you want to learn from me?” Or “What’s one problem I can help you solve?”

It’s my favorite email to send out, and OMG the responses! They’re thoughtful and smart and boy do you guys want to learn! It’s so beautiful to see.

And today’s podcast episode is a direct response to one of these survey answers. Now, these are always anonymous, so I never know who’s writing, but this one simply said, “Sarah, can you teach me how to market myself better?”

Oh yeah. So good. Direct, honest, and real.

In today’s episode, I jump right in.

I mean, marketing is critical to the success of your business. And most of the time, entrepreneurs miss profitable opportunities to market because they’re not sure what it really is. 

And sometimes it feels scary or weird to share what they do in a way that feels natural and straightforward. 

People get weird around marketing, it’s like this “thing” you have to know how to do, but the path to great marketing doesn’t feel clear or simple. 

Add in the idea of marketing yourself and it can feel like your brain is short-circuiting. 

So, what does make someone great at marketing? Why does some marketing work and some marketing is just awful?

Why does that happen? And how can you make sure your marketing efforts reach the people you want to reach and help them see that you’re the best person to help them?

I’ll break down the 4 things you absolutely need to take into account when you start your marketing plan and how you can find the best answers for your own campaigns.

And … near the end I answer the question I think this amazing woman was actually asking … so listen in for that in the last few minutes of the episode. 

Let’s get to it.

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