Episode 39: The Marketing Tactic You Need To Stop Using, Right Now

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In this episode, you’re going to find out about a marketing tactic that you should stop using, right now.

You’ve seen these marketing tactics, heck, you might’ve even purchased a course or booked a call after seeing one.

Those guys with the air pods, or those ladies who rent private airplanes for a photoshoot. Those ads that tell you your broken, you need a guru. Or, that because you aren’t making a million dollars while you sleep, there’s something wrong with you.

It feels gross because it is gross.

It plays on your fears, your worries and it’s something this week’s podcast guest is ready to blow up, for good.

So, when accomplished business owners like you start to wonder, “What else? What’s next?” they call this week’s guest, Carolyn Herfurth. She’s called the business reinvention strategist, and she works with service-based female founders, around the world.

Carolyn’s played a hand in hundreds of business inventions, and reinventions, from itty bitty to huge.

She’s pretty much the needle-in-a-haystack strategic thought partner who steps in to get creative and innovate your next big thing with new, complimentary offers that build upon your expertise and reputation —without sacrificing the reputation, meaning, or lifestyle you want in exchange for more profit.

Carolyn has a way of breaking down this one-size fits none way of doing business, and as a result, she gives all of us permission to run our businesses in a way that feels really good. It just fits.

So, pop in your earphones and get comfy, ‘cause this week’s episode is going to give you permission to stop running your business and marketing like a “bro”, and as a result, start trusting yourself and your own instincts.

If you want to take advantage of Carolyn’s awesome new program, The Fix, click here to learn more.

You can learn more about Carolyn Here:

Website: www.carolynherfurth.com

IG: @carolynherfurth

FB: @carolynherfurth

LinkedIn: @carolynherfurth

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