Episode 152: How to Make Money Podcasting (Without Burning Out!) with Chelsea Riffe

Game On Girlfriend Ep152

If you have been thinking of starting your own podcast, or you already have one and you’re not sure how to improve, this is the episode for you.

You have all the power you need to get your message out there, and you don't have to rely on an algorithm. You don't have to dance and point at words that are on a screen. Please don't do that. You are a beautiful, strong business owner who has every right to express herself exactly the way she wants.

In case you can't tell, I am incredibly passionate about this. So is today's guest Chelsea Riffe. Chelsea is a mindset and podcast host who specializes in helping creatives, coaches, and entrepreneurs launch, grow and monetize their podcasts. She hosts the top-rated podcast “In My Non-Expert Opinion” and got her start in broadcast journalism.

Monetizing your podcast is as easy as using it to promote your offers rather than brand deals and sponsorships.

If someone listens to your podcast and then goes and books a high-ticket coaching package with you, that's monetizing your podcast. You just used a piece of content to create a new client. This is where content strategy and clear calls to action become really helpful. It actually eliminates a lot of need for sales calls and discovery calls.

And unlike social media, podcasting doesn’t rely on algorithms and follower numbers. Whether you’re pitching to another host or looking to collaborate, your audience numbers don’t trump your ability to speak to their audience. If you can speak someone's language directly to them and show your value to their audience, numbers don't matter.

Chelsea notes strategy is key when launching a business podcast. Without it, people get burnt out and experience “podfade” where they ghost their own podcast because they don’t know what to talk about.

She says it’s also important to ensure you have systems and organization in place because starting a podcast is a big project – from writing an outline, recording, editing, and creating promotional materials. Without a system, it’s easy to lose momentum and become resentful of the tasks required to maintain a successful podcast.

Chelsea says if she could go back and do everything again, she would do a podcast series or season when she first started out. She says with constraints on creativity – like a season or series based on a theme – you can be more focused in filling that content and it allows you to build in natural breaks. And if you are open about how your broadcast works there won’t be a risk of losing your audience.

If you’re looking to break the toxic cycle of social media, podcasting is a great option. Your voice is literally so impactful because you can hear your personality, your tone, your inflection. So, it makes a much bigger impact than when you're scrolling and tapping and swiping amongst a sea of content. You are literally using your voice to bring your business to life.

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