Episode 134: An Honest Conversation with My Podcast Agent, Julie Fry

Game On Girlfriend Ep134

In this episode I sat down with my podcast agent and talk about all the amazing things agents to get do!

It was so fun to invite Julie to be on the show, because … well, she knows all about it! 

In Episode 132, I talk all about how important it is to network for the long haul with my guest Colleen Biggs, who knew that just two episodes later, the power of networking would be on display for all to see.

I was introduced to Julie through a mutual friend, someone she’d met over three years prior. The two of them remained friendly and stayed in touch, and BAM! It was the perfect introduction to make when I needed an agent.

What I love about working with Julie is how straight-forward and honest she is. I’m sure you’ve met people that like to sugarcoat things or leave you feeling like you sort of know what’s going on, but you’re not sure.

Whenever I want to pitch something that’s not going to work, or doesn’t quite fit, she’ll tell me. And we’ll get to work on it together to figure out the best next step.

In this episode, we also talk about why a bigger audience of podcast listeners isn’t always the most important factor when deciding which shows to pitch. I’m thrilled that we touched on this because I believe her reasons behind this 100%. So keep an ear out for that part of the conversation.

You’ll also want to listen in for Julie’s #1 tip for your call to action at the end of a podcast episode. It’s so easy for your brain to turn off during an interview because you’re working hard to do a good job. That makes it easy to blow one of the most important questions a podcast guest will ask you.

Here’s a little bit more about Julie …

She’s the Founder of Your Expert Guest, a podcast guest booking agency for thought leaders that want visibility without spending HOURS on social media.

She and her clients can track hundreds of thousands of dollars of business back to being a podcast guest on top-ranked shows. I hope that made you raise an eyebrow or two, because it’s 100% true. I’ve witnessed it firsthand.

When she’s not being a guest and host matchmaker, she loves spending time with her family, watching SNL sketches and of course, listening to podcasts.

If you’d like to learn more about Julie and take that awesome60-second quiz she mentions in the show, you can find her here:


Facebook: @yourexpertguest

Instagram: @yourexpertguest

Twitter: @yourexpertguest

LinkedIn: @fryjulie/


I share a little bit about how to be a great guest and how to have great guests say YES to your podcast on Sarah Uncut, too. 

You can check those videos out here …

How To Be A STELLAR Podcast Guest

How To Get The PERFECT Guest To Say Yes To Your Podcast (Super fun easter egg, see if you can spot my dog in this one!)


I hope you enjoy getting to know Julie, and I’m so excited to share this part of my world with you!


Pop in those earphones, and let’s get to it!


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