Episode 71: That Whole Abundance “Thing”? It’s Real.

Game On Girlfriend Ep71

That Whole Abundance “Thing”? It’s Real. I have a love-hate relationship with the world of “woo-woo.” If you don’t know what “woo-woo” is, you might imagine it as the world of mediation, stones, chakras, sound baths, ‘The Secret’ or ‘magical thinking.’ I hope that helps. “Woo-woo” has become such a common description in my industry…

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Episode 67: Demand What You Need

Game On Girlfriend Ep67

Demand What You Need Well, I have to be honest, that’s not a title for a podcast episode that I ever thought I’d write … but here I am. If you’re a woman and you have a pulse, chances are you’re starting to feel it now. The burn out. The exhaustion, the disappointment, the expectation…

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Episode 63: Stop Studying, Stop Imagining, You’re Ready

Game On Girlfriend Ep63

This one is for all of your course collectors out there. You know, you buy a course, you have every intention of studying it and applying it, and then BAM! You don’t. So on your computer, it sits, and you just hope you remember the password for that magical moment when motivation hits you in…

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Episode 62: Sustainable Businesses

Game On Girlfriend Ep62

Emily Padan, the founder of Bloom Class, and co-owner of Hinter was originally an elementary teacher for 7 years in Montreal. In the Spring of 2020, she did something really cool … she launched a new, sustainable business. She did one of my favorite things, took her talents, experiences, and expertise and put them together…

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