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Is it just me or is everyone and their Uncle Joe a coach now? For years, I didn’t even want to call myself a coach because it felt “cheesy” or “silly.” But I’ve been doing it for over 12 years now, and, well, coaching is 100% my jam. In this episode, I tell you why.

Let me start off by saying yes, I really did have a chick and a bunny growing up.

I was raised in a quiet home, one in which communication wasn’t really a thing. There were tons of emotions. Lots of disagreements. But communication? Not so much.

It taught me something, and maybe this is something you can relate to. It showed me exactly what I didn’t want for my own life.

At some point, during a rough patch in the marriage between my mom and my stepdad, we went to a weekend seminar. That was my first introduction to any kind of serious communication—to ambition, dreams, ideas, or the concept that we could actually grow beyond what we see.

That had never occurred to me before.

Years later, after calling off my own engagement, I ended up taking a similar seminar. There, I watched old stories and limiting beliefs I had fall away. It was cool. But I was really skeptical.

  • How long could this last?
  • Does this coaching thing even work?
  • What’s the difference between coaching and therapy?
  • Why do people love this stuff so much?

I found the results to be long-lasting, though, and I watched my life change dramatically in every area …

I called my ex-fiancé and apologized for making him feel so lonely in our relationship. His response was, “How did you know that’s what it was like to be with you?!” He signed up to take the same class later that day.

I got a raise at work. Then I left that job and was hired for even more money at a job I loved even more.

I bought an apartment in New York City, found a new circle of girlfriends (and even though we’re now spread across the country, we meet once or twice a year to be together) and started “coaching” people without realizing that’s what I was doing.

Did you just roll your eyes and think,“Oh, come on. Another one of those ‘then-my-life-changed-forever stories’”?

Yeah, it kind of is! And chances are, if you’ve caught yourself reading a few of these lately, it might very well be time for you to think about hiring a coach.

It reminds me of one of my favorite phrases:

If three people tell you that you’re drunk, lie down.

But I digress.

In this video, I share with you the first coaching lesson I learned when I was 8. It’s something I still teach my clients and students every day.

I also share how I knew it was time for me to start coaching.

I love being a coach. I don’t always love my industry and some of the crazy sales practices, but that doesn’t change the truth about coaching.

Having a great coach can be life-changing. Having a great coach can help you live the life you’re here to live—one that makes you so happy and allows you to rest, enjoy, feel alive ,and contribute.

After all, the game. is. on.

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