Episode 86: Changing The Conversation: Aging Is HOT

What did your mom tell you about menopause? No, really, let’s talk about that.

My mom never said a word. And that is not the norm. She told me about every little detail of my female body and how things work and why they work that way.

But menopause? Nothing. Not one word. As far as I know, she never when through it. LOL

Chances are, you have a pretty similar story. This means you have no idea what menopause was like for your own mother because she didn’t talk about it.

If we look at all the gorgeous celebrities we love to follow, many of whom are hitting that beautiful age of 50, it’s as if none of them are going through the dreaded “M” word.

But if we look at the stats? That’s not the truth of the situation.

1.3 million women enter menopause in the US every year. That’s a huge number. And that means there are 1.3 million women who are entering a world that very few people want to talk about and one that most people pretend doesn’t exist.

Hot flashes? No idea.

Mood swings? What are you talking about?

Belly fat? You must be getting lazy.

It’s a lot to manage and because aging is a taboo conversation, most people don’t want to engage in it. That means we can’t help each other go through it.

What if we decided to change all that? What if we decided that going through menopause is a privilege because it means we’re still alive?

What if we decided to turn this entire conversation on its head and we started treating the phases of our physical life with joy and respect?

That’s exactly what this week’s podcast conversation is all about.

This week I got to giggle and laugh and learn from the beautiful Sheilisa McNeal-Burgess - Founder & CEO of Fria Jewelry.

Sheilisa is a solutions-focused inventor & brainchild behind the ground-breaking technology for women going through menopause.

Her career spans 30+ years in PR, corporate communications, writing and university level teaching. In addition to leading the development of the Fria venture and its innovative technology, she’s a freelance writer who’s first book Relentless - Sometimes the Underdog HAS to Win will be out later this year.

She’s extremely passionate about Fria and helping women of all ages step into their greatness with both feet.

You’ll also hear us talk about race and the role that’s played in her life. I love her perspective on what we’ve all been born into and her courage to speak so openly and honestly about how we can overcome obstacles and win.

If you’d like to take advantage of her generous offer to take 10% off your first Fria bracelet, the code for that is SWPodcast and you can check those out here: www.myfria.com

I have one of these beautiful bracelets and holy cow you guys, they WORK. She’s patented a technology to keep you cool during those brutal hot flashes. It’s incredible.

They make a great gift for yourself or one of your friends - because damnit, let’s talk about this stuff now! We can be proud and honored to be aging with grace and beauty. And now, thanks to Sheilisa and her Fria bracelets, we don’t have to!

If you’d like to check out what Sheilisa’s up to, you can follow her here:


Instagram  @fria_jewelry

Facebook @Fria-keep your cool 

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