Episode 82: How to Ask Your Way to Success

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Have you ever found yourself saying something like, “I really want to make more money.” And then you don’t?

Or how about, “I really want to quit this job that I hate.” And then you don’t.

Or maybe even, “I really want more love in my life.” But Netflix and popcorn are your closest friends?

If you’ve ever found yourself in that position, then this is the podcast episode for you.

In today’s world of “do do do!” and “freak out of this!” and “you have to be doing that!” It’s so easy to get caught up in the same old pattern of being busy, but not actually moving yourself in a direction that matters to you.

What would happen if you stopped doing that?

What would be possible if you stopped your brain mid-freakout and said, “Wait. Is there a better way to respond to this? Is there a different way for me to see this?”

In today’s podcast episode with Melanie Benson, you’re going to learn how to do exactly that.

Oh, and we don’t do that silly broad-strokes, make-no-sense platitude thing in this episode. No way. We talk about specific examples of habitual behavior, ways to rewire your thinking and we even talk about what it means to truly have influence (hint: it’s not about you).

So who is this awesome Melanie person I had as a guest in this episode? So glad you asked …

Melanie Benson is an Authority Amplifier for Expert-preneurs and will show you how to stand out in a crowded market and attract high paying clients and opportunities.

Melanie has a proven track record of accelerating results for her clients. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see 3-5x revenue increases in the first 6 months.

She's the host of Amplify Your Success Podcast, is author of "Rewired for Wealth", co-author of of the best-selling "Voices of the 21st Century", and Entrepreneur.com's "Start Up Guide to Starting an Information Marketing Business", and has been featured in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Woman's Day, and Parenting.

Melanie served on the Women Speaker’s Association Executive Team.

If you’d like to grab Melanie’s awesome 8 steps to become a highly paid authority, just click here.

You can catch up with Melanie by following her here:

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