So, you know when you’re going about life, chasing what you love, striving for what you want…and then, you realize you don’t really have that passion for what you’ve acquired?

‘Cause you know, that’s fun. Not.

That house you wanted? Now it’s a pain, it’s not exactly what you really wanted, you wish it was really like Susie’s house down the street, and someone needs to clean it. Like, a lot.

Or maybe it’s a new bag, or being 10 pounds thinner, or a piece of jewelry or some new furniture. Whatever the outside “stuff” is, it will get old. The shine will wear off, or you’ll turn your attention to the next shiny object.

It’s easy to watch this happen with others, but recognizing it in ourselves can be a bit more difficult. But I’ve got a little cure for it. No really, it’s true.

It’s never about the stuff. I know you know that. Sort of. But really, it’s never about the stuff.

It’s about how we think the stuff will make us feel. Let that sink in for just a minute. It’s OK. I’ll wait…

Cool, no?

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So let’s say you’ve got your eye on a new dress. You love this dress. It’s the perfect color, fit, size, everything. You just know that you need it for your next [fill in the blank]. Maybe it’s the office party, or a reunion, or a family picnic…etc. But stop and picture that dress in your mind for just a minute.

When you imagine wearing the dress, how do you feel? Beautiful? Sexy? Feminine? In control? What will wearing that dress stir in you? Because that, that right there. That feeling is what you’re really after.

Knowing that is so powerful because it can help you steer your life with so much more clarity. Knowing that it’s the feeling your after will help you create new and different avenues to get what you really want.

Always start with how you want to feel. This applies to almost everything in life.

Let’s leave that dress in the store for just a minute, and take a look at today. How do you want to feel at the end of the day today?

Loved? Accomplished? Satisfied? Powerful?

Pick one or two emotions you want to experience as your head hits the pillow tonight, and then craft your day around those feelings.

So, let’s say you choose the word “powerful”. It’s no accident I chose this word, as it’s my personal theme for the next 90 days. *wink* Then, let’s say you’re faced with an action today that makes you nervous.

Knowing that you’re going for powerful at the end of the day will give you the courage and strength to do what it takes to move through the action with grace and power. Sometimes it’s as small as a little whisper in your mind, “You’re powerful, you can do this.” That little tiny whisper can make all the difference.

Maybe you’re going for feeling “loved” at the end of the day. That will lead you to be loving in your interactions. It’s amazing how it works. And it’s free. I love that part…all of this is totally free and within your power at any time.

By starting with the end emotion in mind, we give ourselves the experience we’re really after. See, getting the “thing” or the “stuff” is nice, but what really motivates us is how those things make us feel. Getting crystal clear about the emotion we’re after gives us so much more power and focus than chasing “stuff”.

You may very well acquire the stuff you have your eye on as you do this and you’ll enjoy them! But it won’t be “work” and you won’t have false hopes that these outside “things” will bring you happiness.

By going after what you want to feel, you’ll find a new sense of creativity and confidence as you understand that we can create these feeling in ourselves at any time, stuff or no stuff.

Because here’s the thing, eventually the dress will become worn, the new house will feel “old”, that new car will get a ding, or the piece of jewelry will sit in a drawer.

When we search outside ourselves for our feelings, it will only work for a little while. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with setting goals to achieve things, especially if we recognize it for what it really is. But knowing that we have the power to create these emotions within ourselves all the time makes acquiring these outside things much more fun, much less serious and much more rewarding.

Try it out today…I’m looking forward to hearing how it goes! Let me know what your goal for today is down below.

Go get ’em.


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