Episode 87: Is It Ok to Be Happy Right Now?

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In working with my clients and students over the last few months, I’ve noticed a trend. A lot of people are feeling really worried about the future.

The pattern of feelings seems to go something like this:

  • I feel strong and ambitious and excited about my plans! 
  • Well, maybe I don’t care that much because I’m not sure if I can really do it.
  • Oh, who cares about anything. The world is going to end. (This is also known as a case of the full-blown “F-its”. And yes, that “F” stands for what you think it stands for.)

In this episode, I’ll talk about how you can deal with the overwhelming global events we’re experiencing while keeping your own happiness at the forefront.

I share a bit about the small things I do to keep myself happy in a recent episode of Sarah Uncut, where I walk you through a day in my life. I show you my bathroom and my closet, and you even get a sneak peak of me working with my “work wife.” You can view that here: [LINK TO MONDAY’S UNCUT]

One of the biggest reasons you might be struggling with being happy right now is because of the “there’s not enough” myth we were born into. There’s not enough happiness to go around, so if you’re happy, that means you’re stealing happiness from someone else.

Total poppycock. Yes, I said poppycock.

You are allowed to be happy, even while the world is going through all this uncertainty and madness.

Because even when things are crazy, this is still your one life. Today is still a day in your life that you won’t get back. Your dreams are still your dreams, and no one else’s. 

I’ll also do some serious chatting about the Apple TV show, “Ted Lasso.” If you’re not watching that show, do yourself a favor and get started. You won’t be disappointed.

I’m personally thrilled that this show is making its way so deeply into the zeitgeist because we need it. We need it desperately. 

What I’d urge you to try this week is being as honest as the characters in the show. 

Obviously, they’re not perfect, but when it comes to sharing their real emotions — the truth that’s been holding them back — each character comes to term with those truths and talks about them.

That’s something we could all learn how to do more of.

Finally, I share with you in this episode why it’s so important for you to know your numbers when it comes to money.

We need women to make money right now. And I’m talking lots of money. As promised in the episode, here’s a link to my Freedom Calculator: https://www.sarahwalton.com/freedom

This is a 100% free gift from me to help you calculate exactly how much you need to make to feel free. This includes how much you need to be saving and how much advertising money you’ll need to keep growing your business.

In addition, when you grab the calculator, I also show you how to start making that amount.

Finally, if you’d like to check out my quarterly Sprints and apply to join us in our next round, click here

So, pop in those earphones, and let’s get happy!

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