Episode 77: Why Your Day-To-Day Conversations Matter

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“What diet are you on now?”

“Did you see what she was wearing?”

“I made 3 different dinners last night, my kids are so picky.”

“I was about to give up, but I made one more phone call, and it ended up being a $10,000 deal.”

The types of conversations you have everyday matter.

Maybe you’ve noticed this is you’ve ever moved to a new town or state or country.

I’ve certainly experienced this. When I was growing up in Sandy, Utah the conversations were about church, what other girls were wearing, how “righteous” someone was or who was drinking coffee (a big no-no where I grew up).

Then when I moved to LA, it was all about appearance. Conversations tended to stick to the latest workout trends or fad diet. Sharing the contact information of your favorite plastic surgeon was common. And lots of talk about hair and highlights, too. Oh, and of course, who acted in what, when, and which movie was coming out next.

When I moved to the East Coast, the conversations moved to how “busy” you are and where you went to school. Long talks about politics and the most lucrative businesses moves fill up dinner party tables.

And those conversations alter how we view life, right? If you sit down for lunch and someone starts talking about the latest diet trends, the chances will affect what you order during that meal.

In this episode I go over a few types of conversations you may be having:

  • Gossip (something you want to stop doing – like, right now)
  • Commiserating
  • Inspiring
  • “I just need to be heard”
  • Healing

I spend a bit of time on the last type of conversation because I know there are many women out there right now who are in serious need of healing some older wounds.

This is a method I’ve been using for years, and I was recently reminded of it by Stephan Labossiere, a certified relationship coach, and you can check out his website here: https://www.stephanspeaks.com/

This healing conversation is so smart and it will help you in so many aspects of your life.

After listening to this episode, I have 2 challenges for you:

  1. Do the healing process I share in the episode, especially if you don’t want to!
  2. Watch the conversations you participate in this week. If you find yourself in the middle of a gossip-filled situation, shift the conversation to great ideas. No judgment, no making others wrong, just a gentle shift.

Why does this matter?

Because you are always listening, and you know what you’re putting out there in the world. You know the quality of the conversations you’re having.

So, when you start to own that, and alter your words accordingly, you’ll be shocked at how quickly your world will change – for the better.

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