Episode 7: Feeling Invisible? Learn How To Tell Your Story

Learn how to tell your story

Do you know how to tell your story? Heck, do you even know what your story is?

Because let’s be honest. The things you remember most about other people are their stories. You might even end up retelling them!

We love stories. We connect through stories and we make huge decisions based on stories.

So do you know how to tell your story?

You might be thinking,

“How do I write my own story?”

“What if it’s too painful for me to share my story?”

“I don’t even know what my story is.”

In this episode, I share the behind the scenes crafting of my story, how I share it, how you can work through any painful stories and how to share your story in a way that connects, inspires and excites.

When I shared what I call my “Grocery Store Story” with the audience at the Power, Passion & Profit Conference, it wasn’t my best telling of the story! Ack!

What happened? Why was I more nervous than usual? What bad habits have I picked up in my public speaking?

I spill it all in this episode, and I share the clip of the actual story at the conference.

Telling your story is critical to growing your business, making new friends, persuading people in political conversations, having a really great time at a party.

So what are the common mistakes people make when telling their story? You’ll hear all about it, inside the episode.

Pop in those earphones, grab your favorite latte and listen in.

I don’t hold anything back, so get ready to learn.

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