Episode 95: When Your Life Falls Apart Because of Money (And Your Career Is Born)

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I love money. I like really, really love money. 

And heaven knows it wasn’t always that way.

As we grow up, the conversations we hear about money and the aspects of it that we learn aren’t talked about have a major and critical effect on how we view money as adults.

My guest in this episode is Michelle Arpin Begina. 

She’s an advisor, author, and speaker. She’s taken her own money story and alchemized it into a passion for financial literacy that marries the science of wealth management with the art of financial therapy.

I mean, come on! How amazing is that? Michelle is a woman I’m both honored and excited to stand shoulder to shoulder with on our mission to put more money in the hands of more women.

And Michelle dives deep into how important it is that we actually feel good while we’re dealing with our money.

Michelle grew up “airplane, sports car, and yacht poor”—surrounded by the outward signs of wealth but plagued by the insecurity of knowing it was a sham and her family was never more than a bounced check away from disaster. 

It turned out to be the perfect starting point for a career dedicated to revolutionizing the way we relate to money and the way financial advisors work with their clients.

Michelle has been called the Erin Brockovich of financial literacy—she shares more about that in our conversation—and she challenges us to ditch the notion that it only lives on Wall Street. Michelle says we can find it where it truly resides: at the intersection of knowledge, skills, and emotional composure.

Can you tell why I loved this conversation so much?

If you’ve ever felt intimidated by money or financial conversations, this down-to-earth, real woman will help you see that you can change all that and start taking control.

If you’d like to grab Michelle’s free gift, her Success Formula Worksheet, click here.

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Pop in those earphones and enjoy! Your relationship to money is about to change.

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