Episode 56: Stop Sticking Your Head In The Sand About That ‘Legal Stuff’ In Your Business

So, you’re excited about launching your business. Or, you’ve already launched your business, but you know there’s some “legal stuff” that you should probably take care of … but yuck.

That doesn’t sound fun.

It’s enough to send you right under your desk, hiding from all that annoying “first party of the first part” legalese.

Well, in today’s episode, I’m so excited to get to introduce you to a lawyer who’s fun, smart, and a woman who can demystify your legal worries.

After listening in today, you’ll be able to end the confusion and overwhelm around your business’s legal needs. I even have a feeling you’ll be inspired to take care of this foundational piece of your business once and for all.

I mean, this is really one of those things you need to cross off your must-do list and finally have the confidence and peace of mind, to grow your business without looking over your shoulder worrying that something you did or didn’t do, is going to come back and bite you.

In today’s discussion, Layne identifies exactly which documents a solo business/small business needs to have to protect themselves.

Layne also demolishes some fun “legal myths” about using contracts that stop entrepreneurs from taking action and keep them (unnecessarily) exposed and at risk!

So, to give you some background, Layne Lyons is a lawyer and legal expert. She helps women entrepreneurs looking to grow and expand their businesses. She gives them peace of mind knowing they are legally protected.  

Her 25 years as a Duke Law School educated lawyer has given her the experience needed to create the Legal Umbrella Method™. This simplifies legal protections and makes an often intimidating topic approachable and easy to understand.  

What I love about Layne is that she uses plain English in all the contracts she creates for clients.

And, she’s always ready with real-life examples and humorous analogies to follow all the legal concepts.  

If you’d like to grab Layne’s Legal Umbrella™ Checklist, you can do that by clicking here.

You can’t grow your business from a place of fear when your business isn’t protected. You will always be looking over your shoulder, worrying about stolen content, challenging clients. And the fear of making a mistake.

So pop in those earphones and let’s get to it.

If you’d like to keep in touch with Layne and follow her, you can do that here:

Website: www.LayneLyons.com

Facebook: @LayneLyonsJD

Instagram: @LayneLyonsJD

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