Do You Know Who Your Team Is? – Sarah Uncut Episode 7

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“Team” doesn’t just mean the people in your company.

There’s a whole new definition for the people in your life who support you.

Have you ever considered that your family is part of your team? There are so many people in your life who can support you and help take care of the day-to-day, but we don’t always use them.

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Are you sick and tired of doing all the dishes? All the shopping? All the laundry? You’re probably not the only person in your family who could handle those things.

So are the divisions of responsibility in your home clear? Does everyone know what they’re responsible for?

You don’t have to hide in your laundry room sneaking chocolate. You can set up the idea of “team” inside your home so you don’t feel like everything falls on you. 


Did you just think, “Well duh, Sarah. I know. Sheesh.” Let me tell you something, most women aren’t actually applying this method. And it’s time to own up to that. So I’ll say it one more time with so much love and respect for you and your time:

You. Do. NOT. Have. To. Do. Everything.

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Take a minute now to ask yourself a few questions about your day-to-day in business. Do you find yourself thinking:

  • I can’t run my business and be creative, what can I do?
  • How can I find more time in my day to get revenue producing tasks done?
  • Am I the only one who hides in the laundry room and eats chocolate?
  • Is there anyone out there that I can really trust to do things the way I want them done?

You’re so not alone in this. So many women feel this way, and it’s not fun. But it IS fix-able.

Do what you can this week, to being to create your own team so you can breath and be creative and do what you’re here to do.


I promise you, the right team is waiting for your business. As for your family, do what you can to start delegating and take it a day at a time.

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I looked back at the questions I get asked most often when I speak around the country (mostly on Zoom lately, thanks COVID), and my team and I whittled this down to the 12 most commonly asked questions.

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