Episode 76: Write Like a MOFO

What would you say if I told you that “writer’s block” isn’t a real thing?

I know, so rude, right? I mean, what one earth can we blame all those stalled days and weeks on if we can’t blame writer’s block?

Well, when I sat down with Jacq Fisch for this podcast episode, she ripped the lid off that old myth. And she did it quickly.

I can’t wait for you to listen in on what she shares about it.

We also talked about some of the other struggles people have when they sit down to write. And I know that one of the biggest complaints I hear from my clients and students is that cursed newsletter-slash-email stuff we’re supposed to send out at least once a month.

Jacq has an awesome fix for that, by the way. So keep your ears open for that solution because it’s freaking genius.

Oh, and we swear a little bit in this episode. But it’s totally worth it. Also, she shares one of her tricks for quickly getting a lot of writing out. And that’s writing your SFD – your “Shitty First Draft.”

Made me laugh, too.

Jacq is another great example of a woman who took her talents, experience, and expertise and turned it into a thriving business.

After 13 years in corporate, 3 layoffs in 5 years, 12 moves in 17 years (including 5 states and 2 countries), she started figuring out what she loved doing.

It started with a vegan food blog. (She’s not vegan anymore!) To getting started in her copywriting and coaching business, where she quickly replaced her income through relationships and non-icky ways of selling.

Her online community, beautifully called “Write Like A MOFO,” is where struggling would-be writers (read: every entrepreneur you’ve ever met) meet to support each other in their writing projects. So good.

And, I have a feeling you’re going to ask me, so, here it is.

YES! Jacq has a book, and it’s called Unfussy Life: An Intuitive Approach to Navigating Change, and you can pick it up right here.

Jacq Fisch is an intuitive writing coach. She, therefore, helps writers make progress on their passion projects, and creative business owners sound more human in their writing.

As a freelance copywriter, she’s helped dozens of clients – tech startups, life and business coaches, creatives, and more – learn how to communicate more authentically and stand out in a busy online world.

After bouncing around with two passports between Toronto and a handful of states, she’s decided that home is where the people are. She finds home with her husband, two kids, a dog, a cat, no houseplants, and most of her sanity. So, if you show up for a visit, she’ll definitely get out the good wine.

If you’d like to follow Jacq and stay in touch with her, you can do that here:


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