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Redefining Success-Cover

Because we're allowed to define success for ourselves over and over again throughout our lives, these women came together to share the truth about finding success in our daily lives. This is not a "get rich quick" or pretentious book about how these women now have perfect lives. That's for those "coachie-coaches" and "gurus". These are real women talking about what happens in life, how the bumps hit, how we get over them and what we can do throughout our lives to reclaim success on our own terms. As many times as we want.

90 Day Goal Setting notebook & mug

Take three minutes at the start of your day to set yourself up for success! Whether your goal is to lose weight, organize your house, manage a project at work or to start your own company, this notebook will be your biggest ally, and most helpful tool. This notebook is the notebook that Sarah uses every morning to organize her companies, personal life and goals.

In this 90 day notebook you will find:

  1. Your 90 day dream creation page.
  2. A detailed vision page for each of the 3 months.
  3. Removable monthly tabs, for easy reference back to your monthly goals.
  4. Daily pages to keep you inspired, on track and in the zone.
  5. Colored paperclip for bookmarking the current day.
  6. My personal recipe for keeping goals, even when it’s tough.
  7. Extra pages for notes and thoughts.
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90 day goal setting notebook

The mornings are a special time for most of us, and this is what I've been doing with mine for years. I've found that if I take three minutes to go through my daily page, really think about how I want the day to go, and what I want to accomplish, then the day goes so much better.

Stay on Track! Get my Monday morning emails!

We've seen over and over again that 90 day goals are a big key to success. It's enough time to truly accomplish something big, yet small enough to be attainable. And there is something fulfilling and concrete about taking our goals out of the "ether" and pulling them down into reality through the ink in our pen.

Write it down. Look at it every day. Watch yourself knock your goals out of the park. Over and over again. Now, it takes diligence, it's not magic. And for that reason, I created my Monday morning e-mails to help keep you on track. Having this notebook at your side will make a tremendous difference! Your dreams are worth $9.33 a month, right? Yeah, I thought so. *wink*

I suggest you write in your book first thing in the morning, before you do anything else. Don't look at your e-mail, read the news or let yourself get pulled in different directions. Set that alarm just 3 minutes earlier than you usually do, and give yourself a life-changing gift.

From my desk to's to your dreams!



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