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Episode 8: Critique Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means

Ugh. It’s the worst right? You’re going about your day, doing what you know you’re good at (or at least feel like you’re faking you’re good at) and BAM! You see someone killing it (or so it seems), and your heart drops. Your shoulders droop just a little bit lower than they were and you…

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Episode 7: Feeling Invisible? Learn How To Tell Your Story

Let’s be honest. The things you remember most about other people are their stories. You might even end up retelling them! We love stories. We connect through stories and we make huge decisions based on stories. So do you know how to tell your story? You might be thinking, “How do I write my own…

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Episode 6: Is Your Brand Confusing Your Customers?

Do you have clone syndrome? Do you fall in love with someone else’s brand and you can’t seem to figure out how to create your own branding? Yikes. That can leave your customers totally confused, which is the death of revenue. How the heck are you supposed to stand out these days? It’s crowded out…

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Episode 5: Don’t Believe the Hype: You’re Not Special

When I say you’re not special, I’m talking about how we humans tend to hide behind our wounds, which keeps us disconnected from each other. Let’s talk about why that’s a mistake and what to do about it. Last week, when Kobe Bryant was killed in that helicopter crash, we were reminded that tragedy doesn’t…

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