Episode 162: Your Body Is As Important As Your Business with Angelica Ventrice

Blond woman in white tank top smiles to camera, text underneath reads: Your Body is as Important as Your Business. Guest Angelica Ventrice.

As women we’ve been taught to ignore our bodies. We’ve been taught to perform, perform, perform no matter what. Today’s guest, Angelica Ventrice is a gut health expert who supports high-performing and high-achieving women in living lives specifically aligned with their bodies.

“I know it’s hard to hear, but you are not selfish for putting yourself first,” says Angelica, in sharing her top tips for entrepreneurs who want to stay healthy.

Top tips to keep your body (and business) healthy

Symptoms can make us feel uncomfortable and disrupt our day. Then there’s things such as brain fog, fatigue, and emotional eating that can wear on you. Your body is the main vessel of your business. Here are some of Angelica's tips for keeping your body healthy as a busy business owner.

Manage stress

Stress is a silent killer. Managing stress, whether it’s grounding, tapping or meditation is important. If you don’t manage stress, you’ll be in a constant state of flight or flight mode and that really affects your overall health, which flows down into your business.

If you’re stressed, you’re likely operating on empty and have nothing left to give. Looking at your phone first thing in the morning can raise your cortisol and your stress levels. She suggests saving the morning for yourself and skipping the scrolling and emails on your phone.

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Schedule your self care

Angelica urges women to treat their body like they do their business and schedule their self-care into the calendar. Whether it’s meal prep, workouts or meditation – whatever you need to do – put those appointments in your calendar.

She notes we have all these work meetings in there, but when are you meeting with yourself? When are you getting that workout in? When are you going for that walk? When are you taking care of you?

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Drink more water

Angelica’s last tip is to stay hydrated and eat more veggies. She says most entrepreneurs live off coffee. If you’re not a water fan, try adding fruits like lemons or blueberries. She says when she looks at food intake when women join her program, most are lacking in fruits and vegetables. The goal is to get more fiber into your system.

While stress can affect your weight, chronic undereating and yo-yo dieting can mean not feeding your body the level of nutrients it needs, which leaves room for poor gut bacteria to grow. Yo-yo dieting and undereating can also have an effect on your metabolic function, which can take a long time to restore.

There are so many entrepreneurs out there just killing themselves, running themselves ragged, and we really want to make sure we're fueling our bodies with beautiful, wonderful foods. The takeaway for everyone is that your body is as important as your business.

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