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Sales Training

Stop Undercharging for Your Services and Products.
3 exercises to upgrade your earnings.

The Six Commandments of Selling
If you’re not crushing sales, you’re likely breaking one or more of the six sales commandments.

Why Your Message Might Be Getting Lost and What to Do About It with Dr. Megan Fisk
Are you overlooking your unique selling point? Y-O-U.

Money Mindset

Reveal Your Money Story With How You Spend
This simple exercise with your credit card statement will change your money story forever.

Three Money Myths Keeping You Broke
We’ve been lied to. Uproot the toxic, systemic money mindset keeping you broke.

Transcend your Money Beliefs with Michelle Arpin Begina
Michelle Arpin Begina was going to be the first in her family to attend college. Then her parents bought a yacht with her tuition money.

Business Basics

Three Things to Do When You Feel Stagnant
Get unstuck with these three fun exercises.

How to Figure Out Your Next Goal
My signature goal setting process to change everything.

How to Increase Confidence
Looking for the secret to confidence? It starts with self-trust.

The Four Steps to Growing Your Business
Double down on the most important asset in your business during these uncertain times.

Reducing CEO Stress

Overcome Overwhelm With This Question
You have control over one thing. Do it and leave overwhelm behind.

What to do When You Want to Quit
Business is hard. Full stop. Use this triangle exercise to take the next right action and start building momentum again.

Enjoy the Path to Success
Use this untapped mind hack to start making exponential gains in your business.

5 Tips For Stressful Days
Stress is at an all time high. Use these steps to decompress and step back into your power.

Overwhelmed? Here's the Fastest Way Out
Some tough love from your favorite kick-ass business coach.

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Strategies for Your Business and Life

Don’t miss these LIVE sessions! Intuitive business coach and sales exper Sarah Walton digs right into the best strategies to grow your heart-centered business. Learn to find new customers, handle sales objections and upgrade your messaging. Sarah talks about it all!

Tuesdays, 3:00 ET
Here’s your reminder: you matter, your work matters and your dreams deserve a chance. Even during difficult times.

On the Game on Girlfriend podcast–video edition–Sarah interviews successful business owners and experts on how to have a thriving business AND personal life. You’ll also get direct coaching from Sarah herself. She shares insider tips on influence, productivity, confidence and heart-centered sales.

This isn’t your practice life. The game is on and you’ve got one shot at making it your best.

Game on, girlfriend, game on.

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