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By studying, training and creating challenges I've permanently changed the way I run my business, and I know it can do the same for you, too.

Build your learning program and let's get to it.

This series was created to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the life of a coach and what we really do to run our businesses and our lives.

I looked back at the questions I get asked most often when I speak around the country (mostly on Zoom lately, thanks COVID), and my team and I whittled this down to the 12 most commonly asked questions.

Click below to watch the Sarah Uncut series. xo

Strategies for Your Business & Life
Is it really possible to make a living doing what you love? Why are so many women starting businesses? From side-hustles to hiring to staying consistent with unsexy tasks, Sarah Walton has you covered. These are episodes in Sarah's Facebook Group: Game On Girlfriend Insider.  

Whether you're looking for inspiration on marketing or endurance, we talk about it all. Because your business is about leading from the heart, it's your job to learn the skills you need to serve others to the best of your ability. This playlist is full of strategies that will help you grow your heart-centered business and gain more customers.

Welcome to the Game on Girlfriend podcast where we answer all of these questions through behind-the-scenes podcasts, interviews with successful business owners like you and direct coaching from veteran entrepreneur, Sarah Walton. We’ll share industry insider tips on influence, productivity, confidence and always * always * motivation.

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you could’ve acted on your dreams, but you didn’t. Sarah believes you were given your dreams, ideas and wishes for a reason. You’ll come to consider this podcast a gentle nudge to remind you that you matter, your work matters and your dreams deserve a chance. But the best part? We’ll actually talk about how to make that happen. This isn’t your practice life. The game is on and you’ve got one shot and making it your best.

Game on, Girlfriend…game on.