Episode 53: It’s Time To Tell The Truth

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I mean, I’m just guessing here … but if you’re human and a woman in 2021? Chances are, there might be some things you can tell the truth about now.

How much smarter do you feel this year? I mean, seriously. We’re like 30 seconds into 2021, and don’t you feel better already?

Chances are, you’re probably feeling more confident. I mean, after the colossal amount of stress and change that 2020 brought us, don’t you feel kind of … untouchable now? Like, what can the world possibly through at us that we can’t handle?

For real. Do we always want the challenges life throws at us? Um, no. Thank you.

But we can handle it. We know now that we can figure it out. We can make it work. We’ll freaking figure out drive-by birthdays and micro weddings and national graduation ceremonies and online – everything – instantly.

When stuff needs to get done? Don’t mess with us. We’ll figure it out.

And now that we’re older and wiser, there’s something we need to talk about as women as we head into this new year.

You might be lying about stuff.

That’s what this episode is all about.

Let’s talk about the kinds of thing we don’t tell the truth about that I’ll be addressing in this episode:

We make excuses for other people’s bad behavior.

Don’t speak up when it comes to our own needs, or when we’re angry – not all women, of course, but on the whole, we’ve been trained not to speak up, not to rock the boat, to be “polite”.

We give up when it gets hard because we don’t think we’ll be supported by the people we love the most.

Or, we don’t ask for what we really need, because then people might think we’re “needy” or “stupid”.

You might know that you don’t need to go on a diet, or dye your hair or change the way you eat – but maybe you’ve done that because it’s part of the latest fad, and if you don’t participate, you’re worried you’ll be left behind.

Some of these things might seem insignificant, and maybe even goofy to bring up, but there’s something sinister at play here that I want to make sure we don’t carry into this new year.

And that is the idea that if you share what you need, or heaven forbid you actually insist that your needs be met (i.e. I need 5 minutes to finish my work or I need 1 day alone to think) that you’re a bad woman.

A selfish woman. A needy woman. The “B” word.

What I’d like for us to tell the truth about in 2021, is that we have needs – and for most women, for more of our lives, those needs have not been met.

In 2020 we became the shock absorbers of society.

In 2021, I say we become the truth-tellers, the power surge, the demand for justice and respect for all.

It’s time for us to tell the truth about how much we want, how much we’re willing to put up with, and to go after the life we really want – with our family, friends, and loved ones in full support-mode.

No more excuses, no more hiding, no more waiting. You don’t need permission to start living the life you’ve always wanted.

After last year, we’re wiser. We’re stronger. And we know now, that life truly is fleeting.

The game is on, and we’re ready to play. Full out.

Let’s get to it.

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I’ve been reminding you of this all year, but I’m happy to do it again:

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This wasn’t exactly the year we would’ve chosen, but that doesn’t mean we give up.

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