Episode 30: The Most Overlooked Resource in Your Business

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In this episode, we’re doing a deep dive into the most overlooked resource in your business.

You wanna know what it is?

It’s your body. Yep, your body.

Have you ever tried to deliver an important presentation when you have the flu?

Tried to help your staff understand the importance of a launch while you have a cold?

Or how about trying to be really productive on those days when you just feel, “Bleh”. It’s not so great, right?

So, to help us all learn more about the science behind these beautiful bodies of ours, I sat down with Allison Jordan, owner, and founder of Better Belly Therapies.

Now, this is a topic that’s hugely important to me.

Growing up, I watched the women in my family constantly struggle with weight and their energy levels, and it used to really baffle me. As a result, that confusion lead to a strained relationship with food and exercise.

And honestly, it’s something I’m always looking to learn more about so I can treat my own body with the respect and love it deserves.

In fact, inside my 9-month Manifest Mastermind program, we dedicate an entire month just to our health and learning to listen to our bodies so we can be as strong and productive as we want to be.

So, when Allison came to me and started talking about how our bodies are the most overlooked resources in business, I knew I had to have her on the show.

Allison is a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner and gut health specialist. She’s also the author of Stop Stomach Pain: How to Heal Your Gut and End Food Restrictions (LINK: betterbellytherapies.com/book )

She uses innovative methods to help men and women decrease food restrictions, increase energy, and enjoy their work and family more than ever before.

In the conversation, Allison talks about the 3 kinds of stress:

Psychological, physical, and biochemical.

Stress is not always visible, and sometimes we don’t realize that our body has undergone something stressful because we only think about psychological stress and not physical stress or biochemical stress

My favorite part of the conversation is when we talk about how gut health can improve your sleep, your energy levels, and your revenue! (Um, yes please.)

So let’s not wait another second! Let’s get to it.

Want to learn more about Allison and what she does?

Snag a Complimentary Coffee Chat with her where you’ll take a quick, 30-minute dive into your health to see if working with Allison could yield you amazing results.

LINK: betterbellytherapies.com/chat

FB: @betterbellytherapies

IG: @betterbellytherapies

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  1. Cathy Chester on July 30, 2020 at 9:50 pm

    This really hit home, this excellent, informative and amazing interview.

    I had a concussion at 21. SIBO 3 years ago (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) painful and no doctors figured it out for years. Went to Johns Hopkins and finally found NJ former Johns Hopkins gastro who diagnosed it. Gut issues ever since.

    Gut microbiome rules everything – autoimmune disease included.

    Bottom line? I learned so much from this interview. Thank you from the bottom of my loving heart. I may reach out to your friend. She’s so knowledgeable and caring.

    Thanks so much, Sarah.

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