Sarah Walton


You started your business to feel free, but then you realized you have to SELL to keep your business alive. UGH. Cue the gross "bro tactics".

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Go from sweaty palms to confident and proud. Let's do this!


 Hi, my name is Sarah.

I don’t own a private jet.

I don’t work four hours a week from the beach.

I'm a mom, I love penne alla vodka and I'm a successful entrepreneur.

I've created a business that generates my old annual salary in a single month.

And now my job is to help you feel that freedom you were craving when you launched your business.

I’m here to help you rewire your thinking for success.

When you think differently, you take different action, which leads to different results - especially when it comes to sales.

Learning the 3 Sales Mistakes that kill revenue (and how you avoid them!) will help you achieve your goals. For real.

I’ve spent 15 years helping women from all over the world rewire their brains for SUCCESS.

It's not your fault that no one's taught you this.

There's no tactic or "trick" to making your business successful.

But there is a way to get your mind wired for success in your business, and it starts with that beautiful heart of yours.