Episode 161: Why Relationships Trump …. EVERYTHING (in Business and Life!)

Game On Girlfriend Ep161

Relationships … they’re complicated, they’re wonderful … and they are the most powerful thing that you have access to outside of money in business.

It’s true. When you sit down and look at your business, your life, and your overall happiness – the quality of your relationships affects all of those things.

Importance of business relationships

Think about the conversations you had as a child. These are conversations when you didn’t have control over your environment and you had people around you that you didn’t choose.

It was “the way things were.” You might have heard things like money doesn’t grow on trees… women who work outside the home are selfish… things like that.

Unfortunately, those conversations shape our worldview and ourselves. So when we look at relationships, think about the types of conversations you’re having.


When I work with clients one-on-one, and we start diving into the areas where they feel they lack success, where they feel their business needs to go next – common patterns and behaviors they can’t seem to figure out … EVERY SINGLE TIME we can look back at a childhood conversation.


We can look back at something that was either modeled for the client or something they were specifically told and taught.

The power of those conversations comes from the depth and the quality of the relationship they had with the person who’s either teaching them – or the person they’re watching as the behavior is modeled.

Even if what was taught no longer matches the client’s life – those conversations are rooted in the subconscious.


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Quality of your relationships affects your life

Now I will say for many women that I work with, not all of them, but many, have a really hard time receiving. Every single relationship is based on giving and receiving. We can't just give all the time right. Receiving takes vulnerability.

Something I talked about in Episode 159 was that you have to understand your relationships if you are going to sustain a high level of productivity.

If you are going to go after your dreams, if you are going to go after more money, you're going to have to learn how to undo the role modeling and the lessons that you were taught – some by people who meant well and love you very much. You're going to have to understand those relationships, you're going to have to understand what matters to you and you're going to have to learn to give and receive.

Find your people

If you haven’t cultivated strong business relationships yet, go start a mastermind group. Go meet some people. Join a Facebook group! Go find a group of human beings that you can support and then allow them allow them to support you too. You've got to look at where you can improve your relationships, and I promise you the rest of your life will get easier.

One of the things I talk about all the time is how important it is for us as human beings to feel seen, to feel heard, and to feel like we matter. We must know these things and if we don't, we wither, we die.

We need each other. Go out there and love up on each other today. Make sure you practice receiving all week-long, so you have stronger, more powerful relationships.

Let’s get to it!

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